Vietnam weather in October

Vietnam weather in Oct

October is considered one of the best months to travel in Vietnam. You can expect clear skies, less rainfall and lower humidity compared to previous summer months in the North. Central regions receive high rainfall and sometimes storms but visiting to major cities such as Hue, Danang and Hoian is acceptable. The south remains steady temperature with less rainfall. Trekking in the mountains of the North and Central Highlands is wonderful during this month.

Northern Vietnam

Saying goodbye to hot summer days, the North sees a drop in both temperature and rainfall. It is cool, average temperature of 26°C, with blue skies and leaves changing colors to yellow. Weather condition is perfect for sight-seeing, photo-taking and camping trips in mountainous areas such as Sapa, Moc Chau and Ha Giang.

Central Vietnam

In October, Central Vietnam is relatively cool and pleasant but can be affected by heavy storms. Therefore it’s advisable to consider before you intend to spend your time on beaches. The temperature differs between Hue and Hoian, Danang. Separated by Hai Van Pass, Hue is 24°C on average, cooler than Hoian – Danang at 27°C on average. Further South Nha Trang receives plenty of rain lasting for all day or half a day. Rainfall reduces in Dalat and Central Highlands especially towards the end of the month promising a great time for trekking and outdoor activities.

Southern Vietnam

With a decline in rainfall amount, the South is proceeding towards dry season especially at the end of the month. Average temperature slightly decreases, to around 27°C. Phu Quoc beach still receives much rain and many resorts arrange annual maintenance in October, so it’s necessary to check before you go.







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