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We are proud to be so highly recommended by our former clients. Arriving from locations around the world, our Tonkin-Travelers recognize the impact that decent advice, meticulous planning and punctuality really do make a difference to the end product (your trip!). This is a result of the hard work from our whole team. We invite you to get to know them! 

We enjoyed the trip. You did a fantastic job of organising it to our requirements

Hi Vy,

Thankyou so much for your e mail. You are right – it has taken us a little while to readjust.
We all wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. You did a fantastic job of organising it to our requirements. We all agree that there was not any day we would have changed . The hotel choices were all good and the choice of lunch venues and menus also gave us a chance to experience almost every local dish.
The absolute highlight were our guides. Chien was the ideal introduction and got on well with all of us, but especially our children who loved his sense of humour. We really enjoyed his love of food and the frequent stops we made to try out local foods and drinks. Pineapple with chilli and salt was my favourite. We felt totally safe in his hands and his relationships with all of the people we met – made our trip fun and relaxing. His intelligence and knowledge about Vietnam and world affairs made talking to him about the country and other issues very interesting. Our driver was also very reliable and we felt very safe with him – even in the chaos of Hanoi.
Huy ( Im not sure if I have spelled this correctly) was also an excellent choice for the central part of our trip. We had a lot of interesting conversations with him about the American war, local and village life and Vietnamese culture. He is very knowledgeable about history. Again, our driver was both reliable and safe.

I’m not sure about how much detail you want in the feedback so feel free to ask me more questions – I thought it was easier to do day by day:
Hanoi – definitely stay in the old quarter. We loved it. The Quoc Hoa hotel was absolutely fine – fantastic air conditioning, good breakfast and very central. It was good to have the first day to ourselves to get oriented. The best trip was to the museum of ethnology – Chien was very a interesting guide – it gives you context for the whole trip. We also loved the cyclo ride. Maybe an extra day would be good if you had the time. The trip to Duongs for lunch was excellent – probably the best food of our trip.

Mai Chau – I loved this area and if we visit again would definitely like to visit more of the tribal areas. The drive up there was great and the roadside stop for eggs and sticky rice is not to be missed. The location of the eco lodge is beautiful. The highlight was the cycle trip, such a great way to see the countryside. We also enjoyed the evening dancing – even our adult children!

Ninh Binh – It was a long drive here, but given we were going to Halong its difficult to see how we could have avoided it. Perhaps this was our least favourite day. Tam Coc is beautiful but nowhere near as spectacular as halong. The hotel here was nice.

Halong – I nearly avoided going to Halong as I was worried it might be too touristy. That would have been a mistake. It is a must-do experience. Such a beautiful part of the world. It is definitely worth paying extra for the cruise – our boat was spectacular and we also got to cruise in a much quieter part of the bay. We hardly saw any other boats once we left the Marina. The standard of the boat matched ( almost) the beauty of the surroundings.

We were very sad to say goodbye to our guide and driver at the airport. Some of our most interesting experiences were the stops we made for food/drink or to look at and talk about something he had noticed at the side of the road. Chien took us into the terminal, sorted our check in and made sure we were in the best queue for baggage drop. Excellent service.

Hue – our arrival was great – we weren’t an hour early this time! The driver met us and took us to the Romance hotel – again a great hotel perfectly located. We used the pool and the spa here. We met Huy the next day and had a very interesting trip around the city – the highlight was the citadel- maybe we could have spent longer here if we had more time. Huy was very interesting on the wars, the Vietnamese kings and religion. We learned a lot. I also enjoyed the trip to the market. Hue is a really enjoyable base. The city feels so much less busy than Hanoi – more manageable. Its low rise and beautifully situated on the river.

Phong Nha – a long trip up there but worth it if you like caves! They are spectacular. We travelled up on a very wet day and Hui changed the schedule so we did the boat trip the following day. Paradise cave is very impressive. Also very busy with domestic tourists. Huy made sure we visited at lunchtime and so missed the crowds. The dark cave experience was great – more fun than I expected and definitely a good trip if you have children with you. The lakehouse hotel was fine.

A highlight on the way back was the visit to the Vinh Moc tunnels. Very interesting. Both the tunnels and the museum are worth a stop.

Hoi An – the choice of hotel at the beach was perfect for the end of our trip. The Palm garden was very nice and perfectly located on the beach but within about 15 minutes of Hoi an centre. We had mixed feeling about the town – having heard great things about it before we travelled. My daughter loved it – it was a highlight of her trip. Both Dom and I were a bit overwhelmed by the crowds of people – it is busier than Venice! The tour with Hui was excellent – we saw a good variety of buildings. We were pleased not to be staying in Hoi An itself. As far as shopping is concerned, we did use the tailors but to be honest found Hanoi the best place for clothing and souvenirs. ( this is also because Chien took us to some good places)

The transfer to the airport was easy and on time and the flights home were on time. We were very sad to leave.

It was a wonderful experience and we have recommended Vietnam to our friends! We are so glad that we chose your company – we would not have been able to see , experience or learn nearly as much if we had travelled independently – and certainly not in such short a space of time. I was also very pleased that we had not tried to visit the south on this trip. To us northern Europeans the heat is exhausting and so 9 days of trips worked well and was also tiring. We needed the three days at the end to rest and get ready to return to work!.

Thankyou so much for the photos. I have a few that I will send to you from my phone.

With best wishes

SARAH group x4Pax From Northern to Central Vietnam 13 Days from 26 Jun until 09 Jul 2019

I'm more than happy to give you feedback on the holiday

Hi Vy,

I'm more than happy to give you feedback on the holiday.

As you've already seen from my Faccebook posts we had a fantastic time. The holiday was absolutely brilliant and we absolutely loved every minute of it. It really is very difficult to find anything that I could find fault with, but obviously there were some parts that we enjoyed more than others. But the overall quality of everything was first class. The guides we had all spoke excellent English, were very knowledgeable, very enthusiastic and made us feel very welcome. I'd have no hesitation in recommending any of the guides, they were all very professional. Our favourite guide was Linh but that doesn't mean we didn't like the other guides too. All of the drivers we had made us feel very safe in the traffic, were very safe drivers, and again all made us feel very welcome. Our favourite driver was Dee who we had in Siem Reap. All of our arrivals at the airports went very smoothly with the driver / guide very easy to spot and very welcoming.

All of the hotels we stayed in were excellent. If I had to try and find any areas for improvements I could identify a few things but they are very minor :-

In Hanoi the bedside light obviously had an electrical problem of some sort and kept flickering / going out. And there didn't seem to be hot water all the time with several of the showers we had being on the cold side. But the hotel was in a great location in the old part of town.

On the boat in Ha Long we took our full suit cases with us. In retrospect we should have taken an overnight bag with us with just a change of clothes in and, if possible, have left our big cases in the vehicle overnight. Not sure if this would have been an option but, if so, it could have been made clearer.

The hotel in Siem Reap was our overall favourite although Caroline found the bed a bit on the hard side. The staff were very polite and courteous and were very helpful and attentive.

At all of the hotels I found the pillows to be too high. It's probably what I'm used to in the UK but I found it quite difficult to sleep for a few nights until I got used to the pillows. Smaller pillows would have been more to my liking.

The food at all of the hotels was excellent, although the only hotel that we ate a meal other than breakfast was in Siem Reap. All the restaurants that the guides took us to for lunch were superb.

We enjoyed all the trips and activities we went on. it's difficult to pick a favourite activity but the street food tour and the Cu Chi trip were probably my favourites, and Caroline really enjoyed the rowing boat trip to the fishing village in Ha Long. The cooking class in Hoi An was enjoyable but the cooking class at Cu Chi was much better and far more enjoyable. The trip to the floating village at Ton Le was probably the least enjoyable of all the trips and neither of us found it particularly interesting. but the trips to the temples more than made up for this - they were amazing.

I can't choose a favourite city that we stayed in because they were all different and had different things to offer. There wasn't anywhere we went that I wouldn't recommend to anyone else who was going on the same holiday. 

It was also really nice to meet you in Hanoi. You made us both feel very welcome indeed.

In summary I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tonkin Voyage Travel, Vietnam or Cambodia to anyone who was thinking of having a similar holiday. And I'd certainly consider using Tonkin Voyage Travel again for some of your other destinations like Myanmar or Thailand. I'm happy to discuss further if you want any more detailed feedback on any aspect of the holiday.

Thanks again for a fantastic holiday.


Julian & Caroline group x2
Essence of Vietnam & Cambodia 17 Days from 19 Sep until 05 Oct 2018

Mysterious Tonkin of Vietnam - Perfect trip for us

Eva & Henry Price - Thoughts on our 12 day “the Mysterious Tonkin of Vietnam”.

November 2018

Arranged by Jennifer

Booking- Email exchanges for booking worked well.  The promptness of Jennifer’s replies was much appreciated. 

Some difficulties & added expense with paying through our usual credit card facilities.

Planning -  Jennifer was very helpful.  We ended up with a” perfect trip for us”.  We had a good balance of great scenery, village life & simple accommodation to more sophisticated accommodation & dining.  Everything ran smoothly as planned. It was reassuring that Jennifer called us occasionally to check on our progress during the trip.

Driver-  Chung was always punctual, polite & helpful.  His driving was cautious & considerate on some very challenging roads.   He had a good rapport with Khue our guide, which meant his lack of English did not exclude him from conversations.

Guide – Khue was always enthusiastic & enterprising in terms of what he showed us. He was always punctual & organised. He was able to develop an instant rapport with locals at the various stops so that we were able to enjoy some unexpected moments with people going about their daily lives – sharing tea or rice wine, rice paper production, candy making, villagers preparing for a wedding.

In more complex contexts his English could become a little hard to understand but this was always compensated for by his energy & enthusiasm.

Accommodation& meals – Standards varied.  Our two homes stays were very good in terms of accommodation & meals.

Our first room at the Noble Boutique hotel was cramped but the room on the 20th   Nov was much more comfortable.

La Vien was very good.

Duc Tai Local Hotel was tired & a little dusty.  Breakfast was simple.

Hoa Cuong in Dong Van – room was very good.  Breakfast was very simple& spartan.

Tam Coc Ricefield Resort Bungalow was great but resort was too far out of village & difficult to get transport to & from.   Restaurant was underutilised & quality of food was ordinary.

Moon Garden experience couldn’t be faulted.

At our lunch stops along the way, Khue did a great job in introducing us to a variety of local foods we would never have dared order or try.  We thank him for that.

We hope this feedback helps with future planning.

We are very pleased with our Tonkin Travel experience & will not hesitate to recommend them to our friends.

Bill & Eva group x2
The Mysterious Tonkin Of Vietnam 12 Days from 10 Nov until 21 Nov 2018

I want to thank you again for a well-planned trip, and outstanding service

Hi Thao,

We leave Cambodia today, and I want to thank you again for a well-planned trip, and outstanding service while we travelled. Every guide was wonderful, every driver was prompt, courteous and skilled. The hotels were excellent, and yhe food was great. We could not have asked for a better trip.

We especially want to thank you for checking in with us along the way, and offering alternatives when the weather didn't cooperate. Your willingness to change our flights from Luang Prabang to Siem Reap, change hotels, and still have a driver meet us, all with less than 24 hours notice, was way above anything we could have expected.

We will definitely recommend you and your agency to everyone we know. Thank you again!

Indochina Expedition - 20 days -4 pax
Mrs. Eileen Hirsch _ groupx4_Indochina Expedition_20 Days_From 29 Nov to 18 Dec 2018

We had an amazing holiday

Hi Thao
We had an amazing holiday - we were so grateful for all your suggestions which worked out perfect. Happy to recommend your company - where do you suggest? Trip advisor?
We had a good four days in Singapore after Saigon (which we loved but my favourite is still Old Hanoi!) the last resort in Phu Quoc was fantastic. Flight home was long but good and we only took a day to recover!

We now think we may return in two years to attempt Vietnam central and go into Laos. Our sons have O level exams and so perhaps it’s a treat for family in 2020 or 2021. Definitely will contact you again.

Btw hotel in Can Tho was adorable!! We got Xmas presents from hotel - a scarf and two ties/cuff links for boys - how sweet!
The trips to coconut factories was great - my husband did so many photos for teaching his students (he does Agriculture and Law). We have been posting all photos on our Facebook for friends.

Thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful 2019. And as I said above - happy to recommend or write reviews for your website.

Best wishes

Mrs. Uma _ groupx3_Vietnam In Depth_12 Days_From 18 Dec to 29 Dec 2018

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