Vietnam weather in July

Vietnam weather in Jul

Sharing quite similar features with June, July is simply hot but more pleasant thanks to frequent rain. The North remains high temperatures with some showers and even storms. You can expect both light rain in Central Vietnam and it’s recommended that you visit this region during July to enjoy everlasting beaches and bright sunshine. The South receives lots of rain and high humidity. Even though the most day time is bright and sunny, rain can appear anytime without prior notice.

Northern Vietnam

Temperature remains 30 °C on average and cooler in mountainous areas at around 22°C. You can expect much sunshine as well as rain. Storms may occur at times. It’s not a good idea to travel to the far North due to wet weather. However, light trekking in Sapa is acceptable thanks to moderate heat and humidity which enable you to move around mountainous town. 

Central Vietnam

In July, Central Vietnam is considered the best in all three regions with plenty of sunshine and blue skies on Hoian, Danang and Nha Trang beaches. The average temperature of 31°C is calmed down thanks to light rain here and there. Light and cool clothing is best to deal with the heat. The same condition can be found in Hue during this period. We do not encourage extensive mountaineering tourism to Dalat and Central Highlands do to high rainfall.

Southern Vietnam

Normally when July comes, the South becomes a “focal point” of sudden rain but still not lacking plenty of dry and bright daylight hours. The average temperature is 29°C. An umbrella or raincoat is advisable while travelling here in this season.







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