Vietnam weather in April

Laos weather in Apr

April is the last spring month with more rain than the earlier part of the year. It is getting hot and humid all over the country. Central beaches remain great for swimming and water recreation. The North is now getting hotter with plenty of dry days while the South is taking the first steps to rainy season. Moreover, streets are getting livelier for the last few days of the month thanks to Vietnam’s Reunification Day making all visits to this country become more special.

Northern Vietnam

Summer has entered with rising temperature up to 23-27°Con average. Some rainy days can be found at the end of the month. Trekking in mountainous far north such as Ha Giang and Sapa is perfect during this period. Do not forget to prepare yourself an umbrella to avoid getting wet due to several rainy days at the end of the month.

Central Vietnam

Sea and white sand are typical features of Central Vietnam. Coming here, you can enjoy plenty of sunshine with blue skies during April.  Hoian, Danang and Nha Trang beaches are at their best with average temperature of 28 °C. Good weather can be expected in Hue, Central Highlands and Dalat.

Southern Vietnam

Wet season begins in the South with a slight increase in temperature (31°C on average). Rainfall amount increases significantly and clear blue skies are more likely during April. It’s highly recommended to take umbrella and light raincoat along to prevent getting wet due to occasional rains.







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