Who is Waived Vietnam Visa

Holders of a British passport (as well as Italian, German, Spanish and French) do not need an entry visa for stays of less than 15 days (the date of arrival included). This exemption is currently applied until July 2021, and the possibility of extending it to 30 days is under the government’s discussion.

If you are in the list of visa exemption, you must still have a valid passport, and have a ticket reservation proving that it was planned to leave Vietnam within 15 days.

Visa-exempt travelers leaving the Vietnam and having planned to return in less than 30 days, must apply for a visa for this second stay. It takes a month, indeed, to be exempted from visa again.

Conversely, those who make a first stay in Vietnam with a visa do not have to wait 30 days to make a second stay with the exemption. (If you stay less than two weeks this time)

The passport visa is therefore mandatory in the following cases:

  • Stay of more than 15 days or,
  • Entry before the 30 days following the last exit without visa.

All foreigners must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of return. The visa application is made at the Vietnam Embassy in the country of residence, or through an agency like Tonkin-Travel. This second formula - called "arrival visa" - is much more economical and convenient. A "letter of invitation" is available at the airport, just after landing, a visa for one month for 25 USD, three months for 50 USD, six months for 95 USD, and one year for 135 USD. These amounts can vary depending on whether we have the right to multiple entries, and are to be paid in cash to immigration services upon arrival.

The procedure is simple. From your home, you send us a scanned copy of the pages of your passport containing the information about you. We will send this data to the Vietnamese Immigration Department to obtain the letter of authorization. After one week (at the latest), we will send you a copy of this notification by email. Simply print it in color, and present it at the boarding when you check in at the airline counter (if not, you will not be allowed to access the plane). Then after the flight, you leave it to the immigration on arrival.

We also send you a visa form to print as well. It must be filled carefully with a 4 x 6 cm photo. Upon arrival at the Vietnamese airport, you deposit at the immigration office this document as well as your passport to have your visa and to be able to pass the customs.

Please kindly note that Tonkin-Travel offers our clients the visa pre-approval service for complimentary. You will only have to pay USD 25 per person for single entry within 30 days (or USD 50 for one multiple entry) on arrival.

Visa exemption for people of Vietnamese origin and their children:

Vietnamese nationals of British nationality (or that of another country) living abroad may apply for a 5-year visa-free certificate for themselves and their children. If their spouses are not of Vietnamese origin, they cannot benefit from it (and must obtain a visa like other travelers). Second generation children can therefore benefit from this exemption if at least one parent is of Vietnamese origin.

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