Vietnam- A Safe Destination After Covid_19

The Covid_19 pandemic has terribly affected many countries over the world. It caused terror in the land of the living. Many people lost their families, friends… forever. Others had to struggle to live. After this severe pandemic, I believe that most of you would like to spend wisely your precious time together with your beloved people. One of ways to build up good memories with your beloved people is travelling. If you are looking for a safe destination to travel after Covid_19, Vietnam could be a perfect choice for you.

The first reason is that the Vietnamese government has done a good job in fighting the coronavirus.

From the beginning of this pandemic in China, the Vietnamese government took some actions effectively and quickly in preventing the spread of this pandemic such as: introducing rigorous quarantine policies, carrying out complete tracing of all people who came in contact with the virus. Furthermore, Vietnam kept track of second, third and fourth levels of contact to infected people, whilst other countries were searching infected people and their direct contacts only, etc.

Besides, Vietnamese people were guided on how to protect health from this virus through regulations, social media as a massive information campaign. Wearing face masks in public areas, frequent hand washing, gargling with salt water various times per day, calling hospitals or hotlines of Health Ministry when they have any symptom, advoiding going out for unnecessary reasons.

Following many efforts by not only the Vietnamese government but also the Vietnamese people, Vietnam currently has only reported 335 infections and Zero fatalities, although Vietnam shares an over 1000km long border with China. Now, the pandemic is under control in Vietnam.

The second reason is, not only Vietnamese people but also foreigners can be treated well at good hospitals in Vietnam

In fact, until now, there have been 50/51 inflected foreigners in Vietnam, having now recovered and been discharged from hospitals. Vietnamese doctors tried their best to save the life for the patients. They worked all days to find out the suitable treatment regimen for each of them. Hospital staffs took care of them, from providing meals (they tried to create tasty menus which foreigners could enjoy easily), chatted with them, helped them to contact their overseas family to make sure they would not feel lonely in Vietnam.

In addition, the cost of medical consultation, medical treatment for covid_19 Vietnam is not expensive as in other countries such as UK, USA, EU… Vietnam can produce Covid_19 test kits which keep the cost lower.

The third reason is Vietnam has lots of things to keep you healthy and happy

Vietnam is a beautiful country with various pleasant places from amazing mountainous areas, splendid cities, ancient towns to beautiful long beaches. The beauty of it would nourish your soul.

Eating habit of Vietnamese people is one of reasons that keep us healthy. The locals eat many vegetables and fruits each day. Vietnam has numerous favorable conditions for agricultural production in which climate and soil are suitable with tropic, subtropical vegetables and fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for our health.

Apart for that, exercising (Tai Chi, yoga…) regularly, having baths or massages with Vietnamese natural herbs are great ways for having a good health.

Following all of the reasons above, if you would like to make a wonderful trip to Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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