Top Must-Visit Markets in Vietnam

Market is always one of the most interesting places in a country as not only thousands of local specialties are traded but the culture and custom of that country can be clearly shown. Here's our list of the top 10 must-visit markets in Vietnam.

1. Bac Ha Market – Lao Cai - Northern Vietnam

Bac Ha Market is a weekly fair which is organized on every Sunday from sunrise to the beginning of afternoon. Bac Ha Market can be considered as one of the most special and impressive fairs in the whole region of the North Vietnam.

Bac Ha Market – Lao Cai - Northern Vietnam

Two outstanding things that allure travelers to come here are the vibrant image of H’mong hill tribe women in their colorful traditional dress and the buffalo corner where buffaloes from neighbor areas like Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang are gathered here to be for sales. It is so interesting for us to listen to the local’s speech talking about each buffalo’s characters, their prices and hungry situations in the forest.

This market is not only the place to buy, sell or exchange commodity but an occasion for the locals to reunite with each other. A specialty that cannot be missed when visiting Bac Ha Market is “Thang Co” along with corn wine. You can find Thang Co in the food court with over 20 food stalls, and almost every stall serves this dish. Participating in this fair, you will have the opportunity to be immersed yourself into the local culture to have the authentic experiences.

2. Dong Xuan Market – Hanoi – Northern Vietnam

Dong Xuan Market is built under the French administration in the area of Hanoi Old Quarter. It is known as Hanoi’s oldest and largest indoor market, which is the focusing point of the merchants in the North. Whatever you wanna buy, you can find it out in Dong Xuan Market from apparels to electronic household.

Dong Xuan Market – Hanoi – Northern Vietnam

If you do not have enough time for the street food tour, this market will be also ideal for Vietnamese cuisine experience. It is highly recommended that you should try some Hanoian famous dishes like “Bánh Cuốn” (Steamed Roll Rice Pancake with Minced Pork and Mushroom), “Bún Chả” (Grilled Pork with Vermicelli) and the creepy food “Tiết Canh” (Duck’s Blood Curds). Furthermore, it is worth exploring the surrounding area of Dong Xuan Market if you are in search of traditional Đông Hồ drawings, Bát Tràng ceramics, Binh Da embroideries and laces, and sand paintings. One tip you have to bear in mind that is to make a bargain (a half or even two-thirds price compared to the original rate that sellers offer you).

3. Quang Ba Flower Market – Hanoi – Northern Vietnam

If you are a big fan of flowers and photography, you will fall in love with this flower market.

The floral hub is for wholesalers, who pick up flowers and greenery from Hanoi outskirt’s and Da Lat’s trucks (a highland in Central Vietnam). Then the process will continue to deliver to some retail shops and vendors with fully floral laden bicycle across town.

Quang Ba Flower Market

You will be amazed by the market’s bustling atmosphere at night and thousands bundles of colorful flower kinds under the sparkling lights. The special thing here is that although this is the flower market, you can also find out decorative papers, colored strings and so many things here.

The way to visit this market is not easy at all since it is located out of the Old Quarter in Tay Ho and opened from 12a.m to 6a.m. Hence, the ideal itinerary is after arriving to Hanoi from Sapa train at around 4.30a.m, you should take a taxi at the railway station to land Quang Ba Flower Market and wander there until sunrise. Finally, finishing this excursion by eating a hot bowl of Phở and drinking Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk is fabulous.

4. Hoi An Night Market – Hoi An – Central Vietnam

Hoi An Ancient Town has been too famous for its traditional wooden architecture with the indigenous and foreign influences. Walking around the town when darkness falls will bring you another image of Hoi An with dazzling lanterns and multi-shopping stalls.

Hoi An Night Market

Just some steps in these streets, I am sure that you can collect a load of cute souvenirs, lacquer paintings and unique handicrafts. And don’t forget to taste Hoi An’s signatures such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Banh Mi. An journey to Hoi An won’t be impeccable without shopping here.

5. Da Lat Night Market – Da Lat – Central Vietnam

Being completely different from the romantic ambiance of Da Lat in general, the night market is pretty dynamic and vibrant with a wide range of stalls covering a great ground in the small city.

Da Lat Night Market

Food and warm clothes are the two typical signatures of this market. To have the full energy for shopping, remember to fill your empty stomach with yummy dishes like grilled griddle-cake with egg, porridge with “quẩy”, mixed skewer and soybean milk. If you have the intention of buying apparels (sweater, cardigan, hoodie) as gifts for your family or friends, you can get the very good deals here. It is assumed that shopping in the chilly mist of Da Lat will be the exotic memory in your whole life.

6. Ben Thanh Market – Ho Chi Minh city - Southern Vietnam

Ben Thanh seems to be the familiar name with tourists all over the world. Recently, the reputable market is listed among the best 15 world-open markets according to USA Today.

Ben Thanh Market

Being quite similar to Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi, Ben Thanh also offers you everything you need to buy. It is mandatory that you should be careful with your wallets because pickpocketing scenario is so rife at this crowded market. Prices are often higher than other places; thus, it is better to bargain vigorously and ignore those shops with “Fixed price” signs. Additionally, this market is well-known as the home of world-class chefs coming to choose the fresh food and discover Vietnamese culinary. Not only is Ben Thanh Market the most diverse market, but it is also loved by the friendly and caring services of the stalls inside.

7. Binh Tay Market – Ho Chi Minh City – Southern Vietnam

Binh Tay Market, also known as another name Chợ Lớn, is situated in the center of Chinatown District. A vast tile-covered ochre building is designed by a French architect and sponsored by a rich Chinese businessman Quach Dam.

 Binh Tay Market

Unlike Ben Thanh Market in District 1, this market mainly serves the daily demand of local population like fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood. Entering this place, you will feel a different Vietnam with a majority of Vietnamese merchants (Chinese origin) speaking Cantonese. Tasting some kinds of food is also the must-try experience since Chinese-influenced delicacies create another flavor for the same dish.

8. Dinh Cau Night Market – Phu Quoc Island – Southern Vietnam

Oh, one more night market in this list. Dinh Cau Night Market lies in the downtown of Phu Quoc Island, which offers you a plethora of dining and shopping opportunities until midnight.

Dinh Cau Night Market

You will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood, street snacks, and beverages at affordable prices. You don’t have to be afraid of being overcharged since live fish, sea snails, crabs and scallops are retained in large tanks with prices listed on the board in front of every booth.

After having dinner, you may seek out authentic pearl rings and necklaces, but most of them are ordinarily counterfeit items. If you are looking to purchase something special as gifts, Phu Quoc’s black pepper, fermented fish sauce, dried seaweed, and cashew nuts can be the good choice.

Are you eager to visit these colorful markets in this list? To make an impeccable shopping tour for you, just easily fill in this simple form.

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