Top Hidden Island Getaway In Vietnam

In the recent years, Vietnam has just emerged as a must – go destination in the bucket list of those who are passionate about cultural experiences and keen on exploring the beauty of mother nature. With over 3000 km of gorgeous coastline, Vietnam is blessed with tropical islands stretching from the North to the South. If you are a beach – lover, you cannot miss top 5 little - known yet enchanting islands for an impeccable beach gateway.

1/ Ly Son Island


Situated off the coast of Quang Ngai Province, Ly Son (known as Kingdom of Garlic) has gradually been a popular holiday spot among Vietnamese youngsters. Nevertheless, almost foreign tourists are off the radar of this paradise island. Thanks to being formed by the volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, Ly Son owns its unique beauty with a wide range of endless garlic fields, small stunning beaches and mysterious caves. You will feel the freedom in blustery winds when conquering the Thoi Loi Mount to admire the magnificent dawn and a little creepy to explore the holy caves; have the yummy barbeques with fresh seafood and crazy night camping with friends on the shore of Hang Cau.

How to go: From Hanoi or Saigon, you can take a flight to Chu Lai and move to Sa Ky Port to catch the ferry to Ly Son Island.

2/ Phu Quy Island


The small beautiful island is like a dreaming girl who is still sound asleep in her dream. Due to the special geographic position, there have not been any investors exploiting the tourism potential here. Hence, the natural landscape is preserved intact with the typical features of glistening sands blended by shells and coral reefs and strong waves crashing into the rock cliffs. The most outstanding thing of the tiny islet is that you will have the authentic experiences with your host’s family of the homestay via some activities such as singing with the guitar and night squid fishing on the basket boats under the sparkling starry sky. Like Ly Son, fresh seafood cannot be missed here, especially the King and Moon crab.

How to go: It is quite difficult to reach here:

From Hanoi, you should take a flight to Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang; then use the open bus to arrive to Phan Thiet City.

From Saigon, you can choose the coach of Kumho Samco or train (SPT, SE, TN) to Phan Thiet City.

After that, approach Phan Thiet Port by taxi to catch the ferry to Phu Quy Island. There are two choices as follows: Hung Phat 26 (4 hours) and SAVANNA Phu Quy – Khai Thinh KG (3 hours).

3/ Tu Binh Islands


Tu Binh Islands are a group of the four small islands including Binh Ba, Binh Lap, Binh Hung (Khanh Hoa Province) & Binh Tien (Ninh Thuan Province). It is said that coming here will help you get away from the treadmill, forget all the life’s sorrows and be drawn to the exciting adventures of the vast ocean. You will get out of Chinese or Russian crowds of tourists in Nha Trang downtown and enjoy the lazy moments on the white sandy beach. The common things among these islands are the truly off beaten tracks and scenery (one side is the immense sea and another is the rugged mountains). Thus, if you are too fed up with water sports, you can go along the mountainside to discover untouched relics like: artilleries, bunkers, etc.

How to go: For travelers are based in both Hanoi and Saigon, you should fly to Nha Trang. After that, hiring a motorbike is the most optimal choice to explore these islands.

4/ Nam Du Archipelago

 nam du island tonkin travel

Lying in the far Southernmost tip of the country’s waters, Nam Du is the strange name on the tourist map. This archipelago comprises of 21 tiny islets, which makes the spectacular scenery in the middle of Gulf of Thailand. Like the others, Nam Du is famous for its alluring magic with the harmony between strenuous fishermen and the old-growth forest covering almost the island area. However, the incredible thing on this island is climbing up to the Nam Du lighthouse to have the panoramic view of the whole pearl and waiting for the appealing dawn and dusk.

How to go: From Hanoi, you have to move to Saigon and you have two options:

For those who are wealthy and want to save time, you can take a 50-minute flight of VASCO to Rach Gia;

For the budget travelers, you should take a night bus to Rach Gia at West Station;

And then embark on a speedboat to reach Nam Du of Ngoc Thanh or Superdong.

5/ Con Son Archipelago (Con Dao)

 con son con dao tonkin travel

The Hell on Earth seems to be the most familiar name with traveler’s reader all over the world. Con Dao has rapidly morphed from a sleepy island backwater with the traumatic past to a newly emerging beach escape for Westerners with the promising future. Now, it is well-known as one of the first-class retreat heaven worldwide. That the archipelago has begun to appeal to the public’s eyes is the time Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie choose Six Senses Con Dao Resort as the relaxing accommodation for their family trip to Vietnam in 2011. Con Dao used to witness a load of importantly historical events in the past and serve as the prison in the French colonialization and in the duration of Vietnam War. Hence, this archipelago is completely appropriate for those who are interested in the war history of Vietnam and chill out in some luxurious resorts.

How to go: Like Nam Du, you have to be in Saigon to start a journey to Con Dao. From Saigon, there are two ways to approach Con Dao as follows:

A load of daily available flights from Saigon/ Can Tho to Con Dao with VASCO;

Another way is that you catch a night bus to Soc Trang; then arrive to Tran De Port to board on the speedboat of Superdong. It will take around 2,5 hours to access to Tran De Port in Con Dao.

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