Top Dive Sites In Vietnam

Vietnam has a massive more than 3000 km of coastline much of which is un-dived. Therefore, scuba diving in Vietnam is a very natural, peaceful experience. There are numerous our and five-star hotels and dive resorts in the country.

1. Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Province

The best time to dive in Nha Trang is from July to September.

Due to the stunning beaches and the diversity of marine life, this stop has over the years become the scuba diving capital of the country, and still defends the title well. There are over 20 diving operators within the city that offer courses and packages for the experienced and otherwise, for extremely attractive prices. There are many ideal places for your reference as below:

Moray Beach

This area is an ideal place for people who begin to learn diving as there are many courses being taught, although a busy dive site, the underwater life there is nevertheless impressive.

Divers visit Moray Beach for its abundance of nudibranch species and incredible corals. Expect to see many fish species such as scorpionfish, clownfish and black frogfish. The Moray cave at this site is home to pipefish, razorfish and devil scorpionfish.

Madonna Rock

At this site, there are several caverns situated at various depths. These caverns provide shelter for the many fish species that breed here. Look out for giant morays, lionfish and scorpionfish. This dive site is accessible only by boat and has a maximum depth of around 25 metres/82 feet.

Ho Trau Nam

Ho Trau Nam is frequently visited by manta rays, eagle rays and sting rays. There are also beautiful soft corals and sea slugs deeper down at this site. Depths of this site range from around 20-35 metres/65-114 feet.

When diving here, the first thing that you’ll notice is the burst of yellow, white and purple corals and gorgonians that plaster the seabed far below you.

With so many unusual critters and beautiful soft corals decorating the seabed, this dive spot is a perfect location for those divers who love photography!

Whale Island

Whale Island Bay is a perfect site for seeing clownfish and anemones. The large rocks are also home to trevally, groupers and snapper. This dive has a maximum depth of 15 metres/50 feet and is suitable for divers of all levels. With the whales and whale sharks coming to the archipelago to feed on masses of krill and plankton (between April and July)

It has to be the abundance of clown fish in their anemones! Seeing them so colorful and in sheer numbers is a magical sight.

White Rock

Although one of the furthest dive sites on Whale Island, White Rock is worth the journey to get there! Sheer walls drop from the water surface down to depths of 40m with huge pinnacles emerging from the seabed; this makes for quite the exciting dive! With the depths being covered in black coral trees and gorgonians, diving here is not for the faint-hearted, especially as many huge black rays swim hauntingly beneath you.

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2. Hoi An – Quang Nam province

Hon Nhan

This area is ideal for intermediate divers out there is Hon Nhan dive site. The rock formation, drop – offs and caverns are very impressive.

These dive sites are reached by a boat trip of around forty minutes. The pinnacle at this site drops to a depth of around 40 metres/131 feet and is home to large schooling fish as well as an abundance of nudibranchs.

Hon Mo

Hon Mo dive site is a short boat ride away from Hoi An so it’s perfect for a day out diving.

This is a truly spectacular site, expect to see stunning hard and soft corals, pipefish, clownfish, seahorses, and nudibranchs. This dive site ranges in depths from around 4-35 metres/13-114 feet.

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3. Phu Quoc – Kien Giang province

Although visibility may not be great in Phu Quoc (due to run-off water from Mekong River), the healthy water means hard coral growth and an abundance of fish life.

Dry Island (Hon Ko)

From the surface, the few rocks sticking up out of the water may not look like much, but under the water, there is an incredible reef system that is home to miter shells, rays, bamboo sharks, nudibranchs, catfish and scorpionfish.

This island doesn’t have any vegetation (hence it is called as dry island)

Nudibranch Gardens

This site is found on the east coast of Phu Quoc, and is a great dive for those interested in smaller marine life. Look out for nudibranchs as well as bamboo sharks that often hide underneath the rocks at this site. The maximum depth of this dive is around 12 metres/39 feet and is suitable for all levels of divers.

This diving site is populated with a vast number of Godiva nudibranchs, which are a beautiful bright purple color that fills the ocean floor.

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4. Con Dao – Ba Ria Vung Tau province

The Con Dao archipelago is located down south of Vietnam, and is a group of 16 islands, many of which are a part of Con Dao National Park and enjoy a protected status. There are around 20 diving sites of varying difficulties in the region, and the natural beauty of this area features landscapes adorned with reefs and colorful coral formations. You will also find the only dive-able wreck in Vietnam, which is extremely photogenic, decorated with corals and sponges, and is the key place to see pelagic animals like hawksbill turtles, sharks, and rays.

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5. Vinh Hy bay – Ninh Thuan province

This bay is  one of top 4 – the most beautiful bays in Vietnam

Vinh Hy Bay is about 42 kilometers away from Phan Rang City – Thap Cham in the Northeast direction. The weather here has characteristics of tropical monsoon climate which is dry, hot, and windy. There are 2 seasons: dry season (Sep- Nov) and wet season (Dec-Sep). The most suitable time to visit Vinh Hy Bay is between May and Aug because the sea of Vinh Hy reaches the peak of its beauty with emerald and pure water, warm and smooth sea, and white sand.

The coral reef is only two to four meters deep, and circles the islands.

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