Top Best Hiking Trails in Vietnam

Once talking about travelling in Vietnam, the first impression appearing in everybody’s mind will be the majestic Halong Bay or the exotic street foods like Banh Mi, Bun Cha, Pho, etc. However, Vietnam can offer more than those with less-known awesome hikes in the off beaten track places. Whatever your physical fitness is, you can seek out the suitable trail for you. Let’s have a quick look at best places for hiking in the S-shaped country.

1/ Mount Fanxipan in Lao Cai Province

Mount Fanxipan in Lao Cai Province

Well-known as the Roof of Indochina, Faxipan must be quite familiar to adventure seekers in Southeast Asia and it appears to be one of the must-try experiences in their life. The expedition to conquer the summit (3143m) is not easy at all. You have to pass a dozen of different terrains like: dense forest with wild animals, streams filled up with full of water, and muds in the rainy days. Nonetheless, approaching the highest mount in Indochina after overcoming difficulties does not only bring you the panoramic view of mountain ranges but the feeling of victory as well. One tip for those who’re due to climb this mount is you cannot hike without a local guide.

2/ Lao Than Mountain in Lao Cai Province

Lao Than Mountain in Lao Cai Province

Image Credit: Hanh My

Lao Cai is home of high mountain peaks in Vietnam; thus, it’s not strange to see another name belonging to Lao Cai in this list. Two years ago, this spot used to be the very hot name among Vietnamese youngsters who have the great passion for discovering unknown destinations. If you are expecting to trek a mountain and then be bathed in brilliant sunshine and seas of cloud, Lao Than is absolutely ideal for you. 2-day and 1-night journey is enough for you to combine the joy of your legs trembling with a vast sea of fluffy clouds right in front of your eyes. Heaven is here, not elsewhere.

3/ Ta Xua Mountain in Son La Province

Ta Xua Mountain in Son La Province

Like the neighbor Lao Than, Ta Xua is also famous for a cloud-hunting place. This range includes three main mountain tops forming a line which resembles the rough back of a dinosaur. Thus, it is called “Dinosaur Backbone”. This short trip is a real challenge with your driving skill since the road is in bad state of repair and you have to pass a load of winding and narrow passes. Nevertheless, you just walk about 2km to glisten your eyes with this special phenomenon.

4/ Ta Lien Son in Lai Chau Province

Ta Lien Son in Lai Chau Province

Image Credit: Hanh My

Ta Lien Son makes strong impression on travelers thanks to a fairy tale jungle with diverse plant system. Although this route is considered as the truly off beaten path on Vietnam tourism map, it doesn’t require much effort and skill of a professional trekker. The whole trekking route just lasts in 3 days and 2 nights to reach the peak. After overcoming some difficulties like crawling through hallows of rocks and thick layers of bamboo, you will be amazed by the miraculous scenery of magnetic maple leaves and clouds surrounding.

5/ Pan Hou Village in Ha Giang Province

Pan Hou Village in Ha Giang Province

To get the authentic experience with local hill tribes and immerse yourself into the nature, Pan Hou is definitely perfect for you. This village offers a wide range of trekking and hiking routes, which are supposed to be appropriate for all kind of physical conditions. Therefore, you can choose the itinerary that fits you from day trip to 7-day trekking.

6/ Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh Province

Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh Province

Located in Northwest of Quang Ninh, nature favors Binh Lieu with a load of stunning landscape. Binh Lieu is truly a microcosm of Northern Vietnam, showing Mu Cang Chai’s magnificent rice terraced fields and Ha Giang’s breathtaking mountain passes. The best way to come here is to use a motorbike and hire a bicycle to ride on the fabulous roads. Note that you will need to follow strictly the regulations of Vietnamese Government’s Border Management. To reach our destinations 1305 Milestone, you have to trek through the dinosaur backbone covered by a cluster of reed fields in at least 2 hours (if the weather is nice).

7/ Ta Nang – Phan Dung in Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan & Binh Thuan Province.

Ta Nang – Phan Dung in Lam Dong

Image Credit: Trung Hao

The most gorgeous trekking route in Vietnam by far must be in the bucket list of every trekker in Vietnam. With the length of more than 50km through the forested areas of 3 provinces: Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, you will face up to a real challenge when moving from the height of 1.100m down to 500m. It takes around 3 days to go from the central highland (Ta Nang) to the coastal region (Phan Dung). Throughout the journey, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque natural view of endless pine forests, green fields and undulating hills surrounded by the patchy fog and clouds. Always bear in mind that never conquer this route without a local guide and porter or else you will be lost in the forest. Simultaneously, you should prepare for essential skills and devices like GPS, compass since this trekking trail is not for amateurs.

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