Should I Travel To Vietnam With a Local Agent?

Before the internet boom, when vacation-seekers wanted to travel to a far-off destination, most had to look for the help from a travel agent.

Over the years the current situation has changed quite much thanks to the popularity of online booking websites via some metasearch engines like Skyscanner for flights; Agoda for accommodation; Vayable and Eatwith for experiences. Hence, this piece of writing is to help you choose the appropriate one for your upcoming trips in Vietnam in particular and in SEA mainland in general.

Here is the analysis of the pros and cons of using a travel agent in comparison with those of booking online by yourself as follows:

  • ITINERARY. There’s no doubt that a travel agent outdoes DIY travel. Travel consultants are local experts having a deep knowledge of the region. Thus, it helps you save much time on figuring out all the details. Instead of reading a thousand of reviews where to go and what to do on the internet, it just takes around 1 hour to gain the mutual understanding between you and your adviser via a conversation. Based on your heart, the expert will grasp your needs immediately and design suggested itineraries that meet your expectation. Definitely, a travel agent can make your life a whole lot easier and eliminate your stress on ideas of travel itinerary.

  •  FLEXIBILITY. Don’t underestimate the relationship between travel agency and their partners. For instance, your departure flight is cancelled due to the bad weather (storms or typhoons) and turned into another day, what will you do with all of the pre-paid bookings? It is common sense that you have to pay for the room that you haven’t stayed. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry about anything if you book the all-inclusive package with a travel agent. Thanks to the close cooperation between agencies and suppliers, they can find it easy to modify the bookings without extra fees.

  •  AUTHENTICITY & PRIVACY. DIY travel means that you have to explore a strange country alone while a travel agent can offer you a guided tour. He/ she will be your companion during the expedition, takes you to off touristic trails and brings you the unique cultural experiences that you will remember once and for all. Moreover, it is notorious that traffic system in Vietnam is one of the craziest in the world. Thus, driver can be a factor that need considering. It is ensured that you will be pleased with our quality thanks to the rhythmic collaboration between our tour guide and driver.

  •  TROUBLESHOOTING. Remember that a travel agent is your trip advocate. Unexpectedly, you might encounter some bumps on your tours, who will deal with that in case of booking via a travel agent? Of course, you won’t have to mind anything and the agent will handle all with the aim of giving you the best experience via the direct contact to the person who has the authority to solve it.

Obviously, travelers booking with a travel agent are more beneficial than DIY travel. On the other hand, if you are a budget-conscious traveler with the cheap price as priority and fun in searching for the good deals, don’t expect a travel agent will have the time, patience and same offer.


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