Safety Tips For Female Traveler to Vietnam

Female travelers may face formidable challenges. Some major issues that concern women travelers are unwelcome attention from men, physical assault or varying perceptions of gender roles.

1. Clothing

Though Vietnam is no mean a place where women have to be covered from head to toe, women should wear appropriate clothes (no tiny skirts, low cut tops or bare shoulders and low cut tops) not to attract unwanted attention. 

Vietnam Travel Dos And Don’ts

2. Personal belongings

Please be careful of your purses, phones, and jewelry. Pickpocketing, snatch-and-grab robbery, and petty theft are the most frequent types of crime reported in big cities like HCMC and Hanoi. One good tip is to use the money belt that can be worn inside clothing and not bring an excessive amount of cash with you if it is not necessary.

3. Transportation

The motorcycle is definitely the leading vehicle of choice in Vietnam. Therefore, “xe om” or motor taxi is very common, safe and cheap. However, you need to bargain, otherwise, you will be overcharged.

Recently, many apps that allow users to book motor taxi or taxi online are gaining their popularity in Vietnam like Grab with the cost is confirmed before beginning the trip. Downloading this app for your transfer is highly recommended for a short distance.

Additionally, if you are able to drive a motorbike, there is no reason not to rent a motorbike to travel around in your own way with a much more reasonable cost.

Another option is that book a package tour with a travel agent will be more convenient if you are planning to travel around the country for long days.

Transport conditions in Indochina

4. Don’t be late at night

In big cities centers such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, it’s safe to walk around at any time of the day. However, it’s would be quite dangerous to be out late in the rural areas where crime rates tend to be higher.

As you may know that Vietnam is always on the top list of the safest countries to visit around the world, but you shouldn’t go out too late wherever in cosmopolitan cities or rural areas. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be afraid that you can’t let your hair down at some bar parties. Nightlife in Hanoi, Hoi An or Saigon is so dynamic; however, you shouldn’t be there over 2 am.

5. Call the police or your embassy if you need assistance

If you are in trouble, you can call 113 from the local phone or your embassy for assistance. In an emergency, do not hesitate to ask the locals for help even if they can speak a little of English. Vietnamese people normally are very friendly and willing to help.

 More tips about Travel Safety

6/ Book a tour with the local travel agent

Traveling alone sometimes quite dangerous for female, book a tour with a local travel agent, you will be secured by the female guide and female experienced staff who have solutions for any most difficulties that a solo female traveler may encounter.

Please let us know your INTEREST so that we can get back to you with a program designed for you only and with suitable instruction and recommendation for your safe trip.

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