Currency & Payment

The official currency is the Vietnamese Dong. The exchange rate is approximately 1USD=22,770 VND and 1€=27,190 VND (valued in May 2018). This exchange rate changes every day. 

You can easily exchange to VND upon your arrival at the airport, banks, exchange offices or jewelry shops. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere in Vietnam for everyday purchases. The Euro is not used in everyday life, but are accepted in some hotels and airport to pay for visa stamp fee if you have chosen this option.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. are widely accepted in most hotels, big cities and at many tourist centers. As for traveler checks, they exchange only in authorized banks.

There are notes of 500VND, 1000VND, 2000VND, 5000VND, 10000VND, 20,00VND, 50,000VND, 100,000VND, 200,000VND, 500,000VND. Provide cash for your personal expenses.


Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club) are accepted in some large shops, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

In shops in downtown Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or in the backpacker area, merchants accept dollars. However, paying in foreign currency is not advisable because the conversion of foreign currency in small services are sometimes to your disadvantage.

In daily expenses, it is handy to always have dongs on oneself.


Vietnamese banks agree to exchange foreign currency in cash, traveler checks (a fee of 1 to 3% applied) and credit cards (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express). In some cases, you must present proof of identity.


Distributors are located in major cities. These machines accept cards: VISA, MASTER CARD: withdrawing money in cash up availability of the account. 3% bank charges.

JCB CARD (Japanese card): withdrawing money in cash without bank fees.

Banks in Vietnam are open from Monday to Friday from 7:20 to 11:20 and from 13:20 to 17:00. Some are also open on Saturdays.

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