The section of “Places of Interest” is the synthesis of all popular tourist attractions and some off beaten tracks places as well. This part will be always updated to introduce travelers around the world to the newly emerging spots in the five countries of Southeast Asia Mainland. It will give you the overview of each destination arising in your mind, which helps you to see whether it allures you or not. And to have the closer look at these things, let’s click on the area that you are interested in exploring.

Places to discover

Son La is the fifth largest province located in the northwestern region of Vietnam.

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Situated on the gateway to North-West Vietnam, Yen Bai is a agriculturally based province with great potential

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The Cultural Village of 54 ethnic groups is a place to preserve our customs, and present them to visitors.

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Bac Ninh is a traditional folk culture area with a large number of pagodas, temples, communal houses and tombs

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Places of interest

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