Thac Ba Lake

As one of three Vietnam's largest artificial lakes and famous for the first hydro power plant, Thac Ba Lake is known as an attractive eco-tourism site

Located 140km from Hanoi, this lake was formed during the construction of a dam on Chay River. The average depth is 15 to 20m or 40m with 2.9 billion m3 of water. In addition to the water supplied mainly by Chay River, Thac Ba also has an extensive system of canals to increase the amount of silt and plant and animal species of the lake. There are more than 1,300 small and large islands and many beautiful caves.

Lying on the territory of 2 districts: Luc Yen and Yen Binh in Yen Bai province, Thac Ba is regarded as “Halong Bay on the mountain” with large and small green islands and a system of beautiful hidden caves deep in the chain of limestone mountains. It is this mystery that brings it a shimmering beauty.

Cruising on Thac Ba Lake, visitors can not only relax in a cool atmosphere but also feel immersed in the rich nature, liberate their soul in the vast sky and the infinite mountains.

After a few hours on the waves, you will reach Xuan Thuy, Tien Long, Cao Bien caves, Thac Ong and Thac Ba caves. There’re options to visit Sao Chua, Den Dai Cai caves and Khai Trung green plain which clearly represent the culture of the ethnic Tay, Dzao.

Among the caves in Thac Ba Lake, we must mention Thuy Tien cave. Located about 100m at the heart of the mountains, the cave is associated with the legend of nine beautiful fairies who come to play in secret of God. By visiting and admiring the masterpieces of the natural system of colored stalactites associated with exciting legends, visitors have the impression of being lost in a magical world and forget all the fatigue and worries of everyday life.

Thac Ba Hydroelectric Plant is the first hydraulic structure of Vietnam which is erected in this region. There is a plan to turn this beautiful Thac Ba Lake into a center for eco-tourism with water and hiking activities.

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