Tam Coc, Halong Bay on land

Tam Coc is also nicknamed “Halong Bay on land” because of the similarity of its mountainous landscape to those of the eighth wonder of the world

Tam Coc (means “three caves” in Vietnamese) is one of the most beautiful sites in northern Vietnam. Located a hundred kilometers from Hanoi, Tam Coc is a major destination for all tourists, Vietnamese and foreign.

The visit to Tam Coc, lasting about 3 hours, can only be done in small sampans on Ngo Dong River, crossing these zigzag enchanting landscapes. From Van Lam pier to the third cave, the sampan sails amid a magical world.

The chastened watercourse is bordered on both sides of large limestone peaks with multiple forms. It shows time to time lush tropical vegetation or goats that are bred in the wild and whose meat is one of the best specialties of the province. In rice fields at the foot of the mountains, the flowers of green rice offers a light but penetrating perfume.

This tour by sampan is usually followed by a bike ride to Jade Cave (once considered the “second cave of the South Heaven”) to visit three ancient pagodas built on mountain cliff (Lower, Middle and Upper pagodas) and a monastery built in the 17th century. Those who have watched the movie “Indochine” will remember this magical and unreal place where the two fugitives lived. The first pagoda is leaning against the mountain in the middle of a lush garden. Access to the second by a small staircase, and, even higher, we visit the third containing three Buddhas. We will have chance to enjoy a beautiful view over the fields and countryside, like a beautiful giant painting.

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