Pak Ou Caves

Pak Ou Caves - one of the most precious religious symbols in Luang Prabang


The Pak Ou Caves are known as one of the most precious religious symbols in the province of Luang Prabang. They are also famous for over 4,000 Buddha sculptures adorning the interior.

They consist of two natural caves: cave of Tham Ting and Tham Phum Cave (also called Tham Prakachay)

Located upstream of the Mekong, 25km from Luang Prabang, the caves are accessible either by boat or by tuktuk. The river is preferred, more comfortable (the road is quite hilly on more than a dozen kilometers) and more attractive (the ride alone is worth the trip).

By boat, about an hour and a half to go against the current and reach the caves and three quarters of an hour to return to Luang Prabang. In tuktuk, counting one hour to go and the same to return.

Sites to discover

Ban Xang Hai/Whiskey village

The small village of Ban Xang Hai (Whiskey village) is in front of the caves. It is in the center of artisan production of pottery. Here there is now a small production of pottery and weaving of Laos.

Tham Phum Cave

Tham Phum is considered the largest cave. Inside the cave, Tham Phum is completely dark; there remains a need for flashlight (or portable lighting). In the darkness of the Tham Phum cave, 1500 Buddha statues are altars are placed where the Lao people pray for more than 300 years.

Tham Ting Cave

This cave is visible from the Mekong River and began the vertical wall of a limestone wall 300 meters high.

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