My Tho City

The city named after the river My Tho is a traditional entry point of Mekong Delta located 70km southwest of Saigon


The city was founded in 1680 by Chinese who fled Taiwan. There are still today the descendants of these refugees. In the 19th century, Chinese migrants came from Guangdong region for the prosperity of the city. The city was taken in April 1861 by the French. This event was considered as a decisive step in the establishment of French rule in Vietnam. In 1881, the city became the terminus of the first railway line in Vietnam connected to Saigon.


You can also discover the central market, which is a junction point for many farmers in the area with very bright colors and smells. There is also Vinh Trang pagoda built in the 19th century that receives poor orphans these days. Also the Immaculate Conception Cathedral that represents the Catholic faith and was erected in 1960. Indeed, My Tho area was evangelized in the 17th century.

On Dragon Island (Con Tan Long), there are longan plantations. Besides, Unicorn Island (Thoi Son) is a small resort area lost in the plantation of plum trees, mango trees and bonsai gardens. The rides to these unique places are by boat.

The snake farm is reserved for those who do not have a phobia! It is located 12km from My Tho. You can visit the breeding center of cobras and pythons for food. Other less scary animals are also present such as turtles, crocodiles, monkeys and birds.

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