Meo Vac District

For many Vietnamese, the vacation to Meo Vac gives an air of end of the world because of its far distance.

Meo Vac District of Ha Giang is 150km from the provincial capital town of Ha Giang Province. It is a small town nestled in the far north of Vietnam surrounded by high limestone mountains, which make it difficult to access. Meo Vac shares the border with Dong Van District of Ha Giang Province and Bao Lam District of Cao Bang Province. It has most of the terrain in the Rock Plateau of Dong Van and above 1000m above sea level. The road from Meo Vac Town to Dong Van Town is 23km which is via the sublime beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass. Meo Vac has a harsh climate in the winter which is from November to April with dry and freezing cold weather.

Meo Vac is inhabited by different ethnic minorities including the H'mong, the King, Tay, Dzao...Most ethnic groups have maintained their culture untouched from the outside world. Traveling to Meo Vac was almost impossible earlier, transport has been made much easier by the newly-made systems of roads which offer heavenly beauty of nature. Paradissa offers adventure tours by jeep and motorbike tours through Meo Vac. Paradissa is also in the process of researching and developing trekking tours with homestay in the area of Meo Vac.

We can find family hostels but what makes the heart of the city is its market filled with Chinese products. The houses are typical due to low height, which is characteristic of the mountainous villages.


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