Kon Tum Province

The province of Kon Tum (Pond Village) is located 370km from Hue and 570km from Saigon

Situated in the North of Highlands, Kon Tum province shares the border with Laos and Cambodia to the West, Quang Nam to the North, Quang Ngai to the East, and Gia Lai to the South. Kon Tum means village (Kon) and pond (Tum). The province is indeed near a large lake 525m above sea level. It includes Kon Tum city, 130km from Hue and 589km from Ho Chi Minh City.

The climate is typically tropical with a very high humidity, the average temperature is 23.4oC. Rainfall rate usually amounts to 1880mm per year. The dry season runs from November to April and the rainy season from May to October.

The Kon Tum territory looked from west to east and from north to south. To the north is the Hoa Cuong mountain chain including Mount Ngoc Linh 2.598m, the highest in southern Vietnam and Mount Ngoc Phan 2.251m. This is the source of the rivers Thu Bon, Tra Khuc and Ba River. Forests occupy 50% of the area. Old forests where there are valuable trees, forest products and rare birds and animals. Forests provide ironwood, teak, bassia, sandalwood, shorea, dipterocarpus, ebony, etc. There are herbal value such as ginseng, angelica and cardamom. The area has many wild animals: elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, bulls, boars, chevrotains, peacocks, pheasants, etc. The minerals present include titanium, iron, chromium, zinc, gold, copper and bauxite. Moreover, Kon Tum basalt land is conducive to rubber crops, coffee, tea, sugarcane, mulberry, etc. Grazing is favorable to the development of livestock (cattle and pig). The main products are rice, corn, cassava, sweet potato, sesame, bean, banana, orange, tangerine and pineapple.

Over 50% of the population belongs to ethnic groups such as Xo Dang, Ba Na, Gie Trieng, Brau, Gia Rai and Ro Mam.

Kon Tum town was built on the banks of Dak Bla River, a tributary of the river Po Koh, between a small plain 525m high. This is the old French administrative center in Central Highlands. The French priests came here in 1851.

Upon arrival at Kon Tum, visitors will have the opportunity to visit many beautiful forests in the mountains such as Mount Ngoc Linh, virgin forest Chu Mon Ray, Sa Thay, the tourist site of Dak Tre, Kon Plong district and hot springs in Dak. In addition, you can visit Kon Tum prison, Dak Glei hell, Ho Chi Minh trail, Dak Co – Tan Canh battlefield, where glorious victories of the country took place.

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