Ha Tien Town

Ha Tien town in Kien Giang Province is a popular tourist site of the region thanks to its beautiful beaches and landscapes.

The town is just 8km from the Cambodian border. The physiognomy of the place is unique with straight limestone as towers, white sand beaches and vast plantations of pepper trees and caves.

There is possibility of offshore islands including that of Phu Quoc on a day with good weather.

On a promontory of the city, you can see the Mac Cuu Family tombs (1809), who was a local lord. There are dragons, tigers and lions as ornament.

In 1730, the governor Mac Cuu built Tam Bao pagoda. It includes a statue of Quan The Am Bo Tat on a lotus flower in the center of a fountain, and a bronze statue of A Di Da in the sanctuary.

Thach Dong pagoda is an amazing and colorful structure inside a cave housing a statue of Jade Emperor as well as a statue of Quan Am. A small stele at the entrance is a tribute to the 130 victims massacred by the Khmer Rouge on 14 March 1978.

The seaside town of Hon Chong is quiet and pleasant for your enjoying the most beautiful seafront of the entire coastline of South Vietnam. There are many white sand beaches near this town with warm and calm water, paradise for swimming. Nghe Island is certainly one of the most beautiful in the region.

There are also caves such as Hang Tien where Emperor Gia Long took refuge in 1784. It is for this reason that they found numerous pieces of zinc in the cave.

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