Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups

The Cultural Village of 54 ethnic groups is a place to preserve our customs, and present them to visitors.

Started in 2007 in Dongmo, 40km west from Hanoi center, the village was inaugurated in 2010 in honor of Millennium of Thang Long – Hanoi. This site covers 1544ha (including 939ha of water surface).

The village has two functions: preserve cultural identities of ethnic groups and present them to visitors who may not have time to go around the country to discover. There you have all the ethnic groups of the country before your eyes, as in a great book that you browse on foot.

Here, representatives of various ethnic groups continue to carry out their cultural and spiritual activities in their home village. You can find them in colorful evenings punctuated by the sounds of gongs, singing etc. During the day, they play various occupations: handicrafts, rice farming, fishing, birth celebrations etc.

When they come to settle in the village, they take with them their work and musical instruments, such as gongs (Co ethnicity), stringed instrument, trumpet (Raglai ethnicity) ad even jars of alcohol for the evening feast. Through these community activities, conducted under the eyes of visitors, strong bonds are formed. Strengthening solidarity an inter-ethnic understanding, it is also another objective of this village. Because apart from this, you will have a chance to meet both those from H’Mong ethnicity and those from Cham or Khmer ethnicity within one day.

The Cultural Tourism Village is not only the common house of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, but also a place for learning traditions, cultural and national history.

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