Cu Chi Tunnels, one of the ten most famous underground monuments in the world

With the underground city of Montreal (Canada) and the Wieliczka Salt Mines (Poland), the Cu Chi Tunnels have been designated by the World Geography Magazine as one of the 10 most spectacular monuments of the underworld

Cu Chi Tunnels, a famous historic vestige of the Vietnamese Revolution, are defense systems in the basement of Phu My Hung town, in Cu Chi district, 70km northwest from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Construction work began in 1940 during the French war and it became the haven for the Viet Minh. Despite the underground work of many facilities such as a clinic were built to serve Vietnamese people during the war. The vents are arranged in order to drive air inside. Located at the end of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the Cu Chi Tunnels have a length of about 200km.

At present, this tunnel is a pleasant tourist destination to visit to learn about a period of Vietnam history.

Cu Chi Town, which gathered 80,000 souls during the Vietnam War, is now a city of 200,000 inhabitants. Few traces remain of the terrible fighting that took place there, apart from its extraordinary network of tunnels which is a witness to the determination and tenacity of the Vietnamese patriots.

The tunnel is 3 to 8 meters in the basement, with a height sufficient for a person to walk slowly and bent the back. The first underground room at the entrance has an underground well of 15m in depth to provide pure drinking water to the entire tunnel area. The tunnel system consists of three stages of the “Spine” radiating majority of long and short branches of Saigon River. The first floor is 3m underground, where the Vietnamese soldiers were able to avoid the artillery and weight of tanks and armored vehicles. The second floor is 5m below the ground floor and can withstand small bombs. And the top floor is 8-10m which is very secure. The inlet and outlet tunnels are well hidden through a discreet camouflage. Amid the underground tunnels are discovered large enough rooms for rest and store weapons, food provisions. It contains water well, Hoang Cam kitchen, office for commanders, clinic. There is also a large well camouflaged room to watch movies and organize concerts.

It is especially interesting to visit this land of heroes as tour guides address as if they lived in the time of war: men with typical Vietnamese hat, women in black suite with a white scarf, black slippers and tires. There presents inside the bushes at every turn gives tourists the impression of living in the era of the struggle against enemies. Tourists can feel good when they are invited to enjoy the boiled cassava and vegetables that are the specialties of this field.

Today, two of these tunnels are open to public, one at Ben Dinh and the other at Ben Duoc

Ben Dinh

The area around Ben Dinh was completely destroyed during the war by bombs and chemical defoliants delivered by US aircraft.

Now that the plant has started to grow again and people began to return.

Early in the tour, you go into the information area. Here you will be informed of the history of the tunnels with cards and watch a propaganda video. There you will be presented traps and fighting arrangements as the tour continues.

Ben Duoc, a symbol of the sacred soul of the country

At the end of the tunnels, you will reach Ben Duoc temple. Here you can admire the harbor entrance, commemorative steles, the tower of 9 floors and central house with traditional architecture in beautiful harmony with nature. Tourists can also take part in shooting game, enjoy special dishes of the region in very romantic restaurants on the banks of Saigon River.

Cu Chi War Museum

Cu Chi War Museum exposes documents on atrocities in the region. One can in particular see photos of dead and seriously injured civilians after being bombed or burned with napalm by the Americans. One wall bears a list of names of the dead Vietcong fighters in Cu Chi area.

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