Cao Bang Province

Cao Bang is one of the least populated provinces in northern Vietnam with spectacular scenery and suitable trails for trekking

Cao Bang, a province in the northern highlands, shares borders with China to the north, the provinces of Bac Can and Lang Son to the south and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang to the west. Tay, Nung, Dzao and H’mong are among nine ethnic groups that inhabit the region.

The tropical climate of this mountainous region has four seasons. The temperature is highest in May and coldest in January.

The tourist attractions in Cao Bang include Thang Then Lake in Tra Linh, Ban Gioc Waterfall in Trung Khanh and Ba Be Lake. There are also several locations near which Uncle Ho lived prior to August 1945 such as Pac Po, Coc Bo caves and Lenin and Khuoi Nam streams.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Trung Khanh district, 95km from Cao Bang town and close to the Chinese-Vietnamese border. The roar of falling water for kilometers from Trung Khanh and an opaque mist forms on the side of the mountain. Temperature is fresh through the water vapor in the air.

A river lined with rare flowers is at the foot of the fall. It is known to contain “tram huong” fish. In the early 1920s, the French had begun to build cottages on the banks of the river. They went there to rest.

Nguom Ngao Cave

Located 2km from Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao is a gigantic 3km long cave. It is a natural museum of stalactites and stalagmites.

Pac Bo

Pac Bo is a small mountainous village in Trung Hoa commune, 50km from Cao Bang town.

It was at Pac Bo lying the Coc Bo cave that served as a refuge for Ho Chi Minh when he returned clandestinely in Vietnam after 30 years abroad. He created the League for the Independence of Vietnam, a national coalition on 19 May 1941 at Pac Bo.

Among the sites to visit near the cave, are Cac-Mac mountain (Karl Marx), Lenin stream (Lénine), Bo Dan Cave, Co Rac range and Khuoi Nam stream where Ho Chi Minh trained managers and led several important meetings.

The President returned to the area in February 1961, 20 years after his first visit to Pac Bo.

Then Thang Lake

The lake is 20km from Cao Bang town. During the rainy season, 36 lakes are formed. They are separated by tortuous rocks like Ha Long Bay.

Phuc Sen village

This is the village of traditional forge, located on the road to Ban Gioc Waterfall where you have the opportunity to see their blacksmiths work with primitive tools.


Cao Bang province is famous for its markets such as: Trung Khanh, Tra Linh, Nuoc Hai and Na Rang.

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