Buon Me Thuot - Cafe' Capital

Buon Ma Thuot, the largest city in central highlands of Vietnam, in Daklak province, is famous for coffee plantations

Buon Me Thuot (or Buon Ma Thuot) is a city of Dak Lak province. It is the largest city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot comes from the language of Ede ethnic which means “Thuot village”. This is the name of A Ma Thuot, the village leader who was the richest and most powerful. Several surrounding villages were included in this village and the city Buon Ma Thuot was born. This city is located in the mountains of the center, about 360km from Saigon. Buon Ma Thuot is relatively off the beaten track. But the place is definitely worth the trip.

Buon Ma Thuot is where you can find the best coffee in Vietnam. If you want to improve your experience in this city, enjoy a quiet moment in a local cafe’.

Attractions around Buon Me Thuot:

Ban Don (Buon Don): Located 45km northwest edge f the Serepok River, Don Village has long been famous for the domestication of wild elephants. Visit Ban Don, you learn about their long tradition of taming wild elephants and legends of the elephant-training King. Adventurous enough, you can get canoe and drift along Serepok River to visit seven-branch waterfall. There is also an option, go horseback riding through the wild elephants in Yok Don National Park.

Ede ethnic village, located 13km from Buon Ma Thuot. The village still retains much of Ede century-old customs.

Ako Dhong Village is 2km north of Buon Ma Thuot City, home to a number of ethnic groups, including: Mnong, Ede ... The village is the richest in the region.

Lak Lake is 56km southeast of Buon Ma Thuot City, on the way to Dalat. The lake covers an area of 500ha with an altitude of 500m.

Coffee Capital

Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in 1870, but was marketed in Dak Lak only from 1930 in plantations in the French capital in CADA ... but thanks to basalt red earth which is particularly suitable for coffee cultivation, the cultivated area has increased. At present, according to statistics, Dak Lak province has over 175,000 ha of coffee (in fact there are over 200,000ha which are not counted).

Dak Lak is the place where the coffee yield is best known in the world. Coffee production in Vietnam is ranked second worldwide.

Coffee is grown almost everywhere in Dak Lak but Buon Ma Thuot Coffee has always been considered one of the highest qualities and brand “Buon Ma Thuot coffee” is known in the world, hence the “capital of coffee”.

In Dak Lak, coffee has become a trend, lifestyle. Coffee consumption for many people here is as important as eating, drinking water every day. So, “Shall we have a coffee” is often told to friends or relatives to invite them a drink. The coffee festival is held in honor of the coffee tree. This festival just occurred in 2005 in the image promotion program of the coffee capital Buon Ma Thuot to Dak Lak. The festival is recognized by the Vietnamese State and is organized every year.

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