Bac Ha market, the market of love

Bac Ha is a district in the northeast of Lao Cai province. It consists of many beautiful natural and historic landscapes: mountains, rivers and caves

With the area of 67.782ha, there are 14 ethnic groups that preserve their very traditional manners and customs of the northeastern peoples. The most numerous are the Flower H’mong (or Colorful H’mong), Phu-La, the Tays and Dzaos. Their villages are nestled on mountain slopes dotted with terraced rice fields or lots in the valleys. Their weekly markets, rich in color, make Bac Ha one of the major destinations in North Vietnam. The landscapes of this region, characterized by terraced rice fields, are especially beautiful between May (beginning of crops) and October (end of harvest).

It is in this area of Lao Cai province found the most spectacular landscapes of Vietnam. The climate is temperate with cool pine forests. To reach Bac Ha, you have to go through winding roads with slopes of hills and mountains. You will forget all the worries of everyday life by watching the high green mountains around which white clouds float like white bristles on sunny days. The fertile rice terraces are very picturesque and if you want to capture beautiful pictures, you can ask the driver to stop somewhere to take pictures and enjoy the wind of wild mountain.

The markets of mountain tribes are held throughout the year, once a week. This is not only a forum where you can find local products (buffalo, pigs, horses, chickens, herbs, vegetables, fabrics and garments, etc.) but also a meeting place and a typical cultural space of ethnic minorities. If one attaches primarily to the authenticity, it is possible to classify these markets in the following order: Sin Chai (50km from Bac Ha, every Wednesday), Can Cau (30km from Bac Ha, every Saturday), Coc Ly (40km from Bac Ha, every Tuesday) and Bac Ha (the largest in Bac Ha town, every Sunday).

Bac Ha market takes place on Sunday, shows the manners and customs of the tribes of the mountainous region. The people come there not only for the sale or exchange of goods but also to meet with friends. It is also the rendezvous of lovers. The market lasts from morning until evening and those who live far from the market must depart in the evening. Goods are specialties of all kinds: fruit, wine, honey, medicinal plants, shovels, machetes, cattle, horses, goats and especially the wine made from famous and delicious corn. You can also choose many kinds of fruits such as strawberries, plums, peaches, pears which are delicious and unique.

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