Thailand weather in September

Thailand weather in Sep

Throughout most of Thailand September is the wettest month of the year. The temperature becomes more pleasant as it decreases throughout the country with averages in the mid-20s (low 70s Fahrenheit).

The central region, with Bangkok as well as Chiang Mai and the northern regions experience daily rainfall. Flooding is an issue in cities and if you’re planning on trekking, the trails will be very muddy. In eastern Thailand, the rain falls in lighter and shorter spurts.  In the northeast, along the Mekong River, you can expect less rain but if there have been heavy rains in August, there may be flooding along the river.

The beaches in the southeast, especially the islands of Koh Chang, offer sun and warm temperatures. On the other hand, the beaches in the southwest, including Phuket, experience their wettest month of the year and the seas are rough.

Thailand in September is still very wet; however the drier month of October is right around the corner. As long as you pack a rain coat you still enjoy your stay. There are also very few tourists and great deals to be had on hotels.







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