Thailand weather in May

Thailand weather in May

Marking the beginning of the monsoon season, there is a substantial increase in rainfall across the country and daily average  temperatures decrease slightly  to the low 30s (high-80s Fahrenheit).

Bangkok and central Thailand see a slight decrease in temperature but with an increase in rainfall and humidity. Eastern Thailand experiences an increase in rainfall. This is especially noticeable in Koh Chang, which experiences a few hours of light rainfall every day. The increase in rain in Chiang Mai and other areas in Northern Thailand clears haze from the air, making the region enjoyable. The increased rain also gets the regions many waterfalls flowing again.

For beach goers, Koh Samui, and other east coast beaches are the best option. The beaches of on the west coast, such as Phuket, are still warm but will experience almost daily rain in the form of downpours lasting an hour or so.

As long as you bring your rain coat, Thailand in May is rewarding with fewer crowds and slightly cooler temperatures. The beaches of Hua Hin and Puket and Krabi are very calm this time of year and there is a chance of the sun peeking through the clouds after the rain.







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