Thailand weather in March

Thailand weather in Mar

March is the start of the hot season and temperatures will start to increase throughout the country with daily averages ranging from the high 20s and mid-30s Celsius (high 70s to high-80s Fahrenheit).

In central Thailand, including Bangkok, temperatures hover in the mid-30s (high-80s Fahrenheit), with high humidity, making outdoor visits hard work. Remember to ask for an air-conditioned room! Northern Thailand, including Chiang Mai, will really heat up as compared to the cool winters. The northern regions also become quite hazy as farmers burn their fields to clear them for the upcoming planting season. The smoky haze may cause respiratory issues and can irritate your eyes and throat.  

The southeastern region and coast, such as Koh Chang, has wonderful weather with sun and temperatures in generally in the low 30s (high-80s Fahrenheit). The beaches of the southwest, such as Phuket, are slightly warmer than the east coast beaches like Koh Samui.  

As the temperatures rise the crowds decrease. Though Bangkok can be uncomfortably hot, but if you plan accordingly you will be rewarded with fewer crowds. The crowds are also smaller on the beaches of the southwest and south east.







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