The best time to visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is without a doubt from November to March. During this time there is little rainfall and blue skies abound. The temperatures are pleasant throughout the country and the beaches along the gulf coast and the west coast are beautiful.

At a glance

Thailand has three distinct seasons: the cool season, the hot season and the monsoon season. The dry season lasts from November to March and is the best season to visit. Throughout the country you can expect little rain, low humidity, and warm temperatures. In the north it can even get chilly in the mornings and at night.  The hot season occurs twice a year: from April to June and again in September and October. The humidity and heat can be oppressive but if you take your time site seeing and bring plenty of sun screen and water, you can still visit most of the county. There are also few visitors during this period so you’ll have the place mostly to yourself. The rainy season, from July to October, is very wet and most of the county sees daily rainfall. During this period you can expect flooding in cities and road closures in more remote regions. The beaches are also mostly closed during this time.

Bangkok and central Thailand

Bangkok’s beauty is not to be missed and is best enjoyed from November to March. During this time you can enjoy all the dazzling city has to offer under the blue skies and mild temperatures. During the hot season, April to June and September and October, the heat is oppressive and if you are there you will need to plan lots of extra time to cool off between site-seeing adventures. The rainy season is also a difficult time to visit this region. The daily downpours can make visiting uncomfortable but the street flooding can make it impossible to move about the city easily.

The North

The north of Thailand is home to beautiful landscapes and Chiang Mai, the country's second largest city. Chiang Mai is a bustling city with a unique food scene and the region as a whole is popular for trekking. The best time to visit is from October to February when you can enjoy the low humidity, the blue skies, and the lush green jungle. During these months, mornings and nights can be chilly and you will see the locals buzzing around in their winter coats. In March and April farmers are burning their fields to prepare for the planting season and the resulting haze can be thick and irritate eyes and lungs. From May to September there is almost daily rain fall, and trails will be slippery, country roads may be blocked, and city streets may experience flooding.

The North-east

The Mekong River is the centerpiece of this region and provides a beautiful backdrop to village life and beautiful rice paddies. This region is best enjoyed from November to April when there are warm temperatures and little rain. In June and July, this region offers an escape from the oppressive heat in other parts of the country. The river is full and teaming with life and there is rain every other day or so. However, there is still a possibility of heavy rains which can close roads and cause flooding. From August to October, you can expect daily rain and the heavy downpours may block roads.

The South

The South experiences different weather depending on the coastal location. Koh Samui and the western gulf coast are best visited from April to August when there is lots of sun and little rain. The eastern gulf coast, such as Koh Chang, experiences great weather all year round with the exception of June through August and October, when there are frequent downpours.  Phuket and the west coast beaches are at their best from December to March. The resorts in this region will likely be closed from May to August due to heavy rains and rough seas.

Outdoor activities

Discover waterfalls while rafting, and take a trip on the back of an elephant in Nanchanaburi, which is just outside Bangkok. To the south of the city, Kaeng Krachan Natioanl Park offers its visitors a chance to experience nature and a breath of fresh air. You can also choose to set off in small groups and trek through Mae Hong Son, which separates Thailand from Myanmar. At Koh Chang, tourists can explore the local jungle, while more adventurous spirits can take ride a canoe through Khao Sok National Park! Avoid the rainy season if these outdoor activities are a priority.

Diving and snorkeling

Thailand is a corner of paradise for diving enthusiasts. The enormous range of species and the warmth of the clear sea waters delight visitors, who come from all over the world in search of a marine adventure. The Surin and Similan Islands are among the world's best diving sites, with spectacular hard and soft coral reefs and a wide range of marine species. You can also dive in Koh Lanta for an encounter with manta rays and whale sharks in the Andaman Sea, or Koh Kradan, which is a snorkeling paradise. The best time to dive is between December and April, which represents the dry season for the south-west. Another highlight of the Thai diving landscape is in the south east, at Koh Tao, where the water is shallow and the weather is pleasant all year round. The peak season is in June, July, and August.

Thai holidays and festivals

They know how to party in Thailand! And there are lots of opportunities to do so. In November, festivities are kicked off by the gathering of elephants in Surin and the Lopburi Monkey Festival. The following month features a nationwide celebration of the monarchy, January marks the celebration of the famous Chinese New Year. In February, Chiang Mai hosts its Flower Fetival, where the entire city is draped in flowers for a three-day period. A parade of floats decorated in flowers proceeds through the city to bring the festival to a close. In March, pop and rock groups from throughout Asia come to perform in Pattaya, for the city's international music festival. From March onwards, the succulent yellow mango is celebrated, until the arrival of the more subdued rainy season. If you want to experience Thailand's festivities in full, the best time to travel is therefore between November and March.







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