How Much a Private Vietnam Tour Costs?

Travel expenses for the Vietnam holiday are ultimately determined by a variety of factors, such as the accommodation you plan to stay in, the attractions you visit, what kind of food you plan to eat, and the way you will follow to explore the country.

Vietnam is a country which is rich in unique heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Hence, this country rapidly becomes a popular destination in Asia with tourists worldwide.

You should consider carefully about your interest to have appropriate Tour ideas for your trip and will not be overwhelmed by a myriad of articles and information.aa

A low budget-friendly tour of Vietnam is around $40 to $50 per day.

This is enough to cover the cost of activities, drinks, food, as well as comfortable but quite basic accommodation. You will be immersed yourself in the truly local cuisine at the street vendors, food stalls or local restaurants. A regular visit to the western eateries and cafes can be quite expensive, so may not fit in this budget.






10 USD

Cheap hotel

9-16 USD a night, dorm less


25 USD


The cost of a mid-range stay in Vietnam is around $60 to $100 per day. This is enough to cover a 3-4 star hotel and eat in a decent restaurant while visiting different attractions and activities.




2- 10 USD

Transportation (taxi)

10  - 15 USD

Comfortable hotels – double room

25 - 50 USD a night

Meals in restaurant

30 USD


For the luxury stays in Vietnam, you should expect to budget $150 or more per day. This gives the traveler a five-star experience that is expected to pay $75-$100 on average for your hotel rooms. However, a stay in the very luxurious hotels can reach $200 or more.




10 - 15 USD

Transportation (taxi)

10  - 15 USD

Luxury hotel

80 - 100 USD a night

Meals in restaurant

40 USD


There are many ways to save the budget for your trip to Vietnam:

1. Travel during the off–peak season

The peak season in Vietnam is from November to April, traveling at the end of April and the beginning of May to get good weather and more reasonable services

2. Visa exemption

You can refer to Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites to see your country is in the Vietnam visa exemption list to save at least 25 USD (stamping fee to make visa on arrival)

Read carefully about visa to enter Vietnam not to waste any addition fee to make visa.

3. Exchange rate:

  • The currency in Vietnam is VND (Vietnam Dong), some shops and restaurants may accept USD for payment but it is best to pay in local currency.
  • Please make sure that you are up- to –date on the latest rates
  • An ATM withdrawal in Vietnam will usually charge a fee of VND 30,000 – VND 50,000 and your bank also charges a foreign transaction fee. This fee varies for different banks.
  • To save money on oversea withdrawal, you should:
  • Use fee – free card
  • Use ANZ, HSBC, Citibank because they offer their customers fee–free transaction at their ATM’s in Vietnam.
  • Use home bank’s partner/sister banks in Vietnam because they may offer fee–free transaction or a lower cost transaction fee.

4. Doing research carefully

Before you start the tour, do the research carefully about accommodation food, transportation, weather, people, culture, currency and payment or how to behave in Vietnam

If you would like to estimate the detailed cost for your trip to Vietnam, please let us know your INTERESTS, we will get back to you with the detailed itinerary and the exact cost for your trip.


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