Laos weather in May

Laos weather in May

The weather remains relatively dry in early and mid-May; however, the wet season really comes across Laos in the latter part of the month, especially in the northern provinces around Phongsali. Rainfall is typically intense and short lived and quickly replaced by blue skies and sunshine although in the south longer downpours can be expected.

In May, temperatures remain high where Luang Prabang and Vientiane having average temperatures of 28°C, whilst further south in Pakse and the 4000 Islands highs of 35°C are the norm. Avoid the short, heavy showers and you will find that May is still a great month to visit Laos as plenty of sunshine is still expected and visitor numbers are lower than previous months. 

If you have intension to visit Laos during this period, you will see the clear and beautiful sky. You can experience bright sunshine ideal for outdoor picnics. A lot of Laotians make different plans and activities that will make them happy and joyful. You will also see a lot of tourists coming and visiting Laos during the month of May and June.

Slash & Burn

Travelling Laos during April and May, you may encounter the signs of 'slash and burn' farming, unfortunately occur throughout much of Asia. New ground is cleared in February and, once dry, any wood and bush not required is burnt. Fires are lit across the country and this can create a misty effect at times, especially in rustic regions.







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