Tips to choose accommodation for your Vietnam trip

Traveling is an awesome experience. But how do you choose the perfect accommodations? There are a lot of things to take into consideration, and it takes a lot of research and time to actually come up with a decision. We’ve made it easier for you with these below tips.

1. Pick the right location

Activities in the local areas that you want to do it by yourself are the key to choose the location. It’s the best idea to choose a hotel that is near the center of the city. As everything you need is easy to find in those crowded areas.

However, if you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy fresh air and peaceful atmosphere, boutique hotels located on the outskirt of the city or homestay in the rural area is a better choice.

2. Reputation

Reputation reflects the service quality and also a significant contributor to your comfortable stay. Supportive, friendly and professional staff, beautiful location, clean rooms will definitely give you a great stay.

The most common way to check the reputation and the quality of a hotel is Tripadvisor or Review of booking.com, Agoda, Traveloka.

However, those reviews are not always the true evaluation of those hotels because of the marketing or competitiveness between hotels. Asking your friends who did have the experience or travel agent to have full information is very important before making the decision.

3. Check the room details and on-site amenities

After locating the places that you are going to stay and have a list of hotels that interest you. Having the full information of the room details and on-site amenities is the second step to choose the accommodation.

It’s important that you did note all information about the room size, the view, the amenities, beds. This information is very crucial especially for people traveling with family who would like to stay together. Checking your rooms are connected or not? Is it possible to have an extra-bed? Are your rooms close together? Is there any baby cot in the room? hotel's policy for children?

If you don’t like eating out, your concern might be the inside kitchen or traveling for business need a living room in the room.

Most rooms in hotels are similarly named as Deluxe, Superior, Executive, Suite. Each room has a different Making sure that you find out the difference of those rooms so that you will not be confused. 

On-site amenities is a plus for your nice stay. Spa, fitness center, bathtub, swimming pool, and wifi are the top of priority for people who are doing their business trip or staying at the beach.

4. Check the rating and price

The star rating and price of accommodations are decisive factors. If you are traveling with your partners and looking for something luxurious, consider your accommodation with a high rating. If you are saving and more interested in discovering the area than enjoying yourself at the hotel, it would be impractical to spend a lot of money on a five-star hotel.

Now, online booking websites are so popular, there are many reputable websites for you to make the comparison:

Booking.comAgoda, ExpediaTraveloka, Airbnb.comHotels.comhotelshark.com One of the best websites (and highly recommended) to find good hotel deals and unbiased reviews by previous travelers is Tripadvisor 

However, for cruises on Halong Bay, a travel agent normally has a better price compared to the rate on those below websites. For Halong trip, you should contact reputable agents for a better price.

5. Promotions

Updating the latest promotions of hotels is another crucial way to get a better price.

In Vietnam, there are normally 2 seasons: Low season (May to September) and High season (the rest of the year) each area will have a different time for the high and the low season so that you can get a lower price when it comes to low season. Traveling in Low Season, you might get free-upgrade for your room.

Book the room in advance (Early Bird) is another way to save your cost. This policy of each hotel varies from 7 days to 1 month or more.

Sometimes, Last minute booking also gets a promotional price. However, you need to make sure that the hotel that you are interested in does have a frequent last-minute promotion. Otherwise, you might face the fact that your preferred room is fully booked.

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