The 4000 Island Region/Si Phan Don

The Si Phan Don is a riverine archipelago located in the Mekong River, Champasak Province in southern Laos


In Southern Laos near the border with Cambodia, the Mekong River creates countless small islands, some of which are inhabited. This area, called Si Phan Don, is generally known as the 4000 islands of Mekong. A quiet and peaceful place where life happens on the banks of the Mekong. The small villages in the shade of coconut palms have a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere. Impressive waterfalls downstream of River flowing into Cambodian territory.

Tourist attractions

Key features of the Si Phan Don archipelago include:

  • The remains of the first railway in Laos, the Don Det – Don Khon narrow gauge railway, built by the French to bypass the Khone Phapheng Falls and enable vessels, freight and passengers to travel along the Mekong River.
  • FreshwaterIrrawaddy dolphins (Pakha) that can be viewed by boat off Don Khon island. They are considered highly endangered.
  • The Khone Phapheng Falls, a succession of impassable raging rapids that gave rise to the construction of the railway.

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