Pakse, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Champasak

Rich in beautiful landscapes, Pakse deserves to be known for its ruins of Wat Phou - pre-Angkorian temple based on its appearance


As the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Champasak in Southern Laos, Pakse has some beautiful colonial facades like that of the Chinese society and a busy market with its cotton and silk weaving stalls.

The city of Pakse retains many building over time: colonial houses, royal residential place now converted into a hotel (The Champasak Palace). A quiet atmosphere, sometimes nonchalant, and reign in Pakse in Southern Laos in general. Time seems to stand still in this region in Laos.

Pakse is a quiet town where life takes place on the banks of the Mekong. This whole area of former Indochina has a large French influence, as well as the nearby town of Savannakhet.

Tourist attractions

The Temple of Wat Phou

The Temple of Wat Phou, a World Heritage by UNESCO, is a building of the pre-Angkorian art. Wat Phou was built well before the foundation of Angkor. This is the cradle of the Khmer civilization. Wat Phou is also the most important archaeological site in Laos. It is an enchanting location among one of the finest in the country.

Champasak Museum

The museum has an interesting collection of excavated objects, architectural elements and sculptures which, for conservation reasons, are exposed for safety. Wat Phou objects, craft tools, musical instruments and traditional costumes of different ethnic communities of the Bolaven plateau are exposed. Champasak Museum is a really ideal location for art lovers.

Make a visit to this museum before discovering the site is a good introduction to understand and appreciate the characteristics and value of this place.

Boun Oum

This is the former palace of Champasak which was originally served as a royal palace in Prince Boun Oum of Champasak. Yet this building has never been inhabited by the royal family for the prince left his country to settle in Paris where he died six years later.

Wat Luang

Located on the banks of the Sedone River, Wat Luang is considered the most beautiful and important ancient temple of Parkse. The old building that houses the college is one of the most interesting in the temple.

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