Cambodia weather in April

Cambodia weather in April

Following the temperature trend of March, April is regarded as one of the hottest months of the year and you may expect signs of the monsoon season with few showers at the end of the month. The rains usually start in early/mid-May. In April, the average temperature is around 35°C C, and the possibility of the mercury reaching 40°C. 

Plenty of sunshine makes it hard to explore the Angkor Temples all day and therefore it’s recommended for early starts and a break back at your hotel in the middle of the day. Also, the heat has its own advantages since crowd numbers tend to be lower at the main temple sites. 

The beaches on the south coast at this time are ideal for various water activities such as swimming, driving, etc. There’s plenty of sunshine with low chances of rain all the way from Koh Kong and Sihanoukville, across to Kep and Kampot close to the Vietnamese border, and the tropical waters around the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are brimming with marine life at this time. 

Slash & Burn

Travelling Cambodia during April and May, you may encounter the signs of 'slash and burn' farming, unfortunately occur throughout much of Asia. New ground is cleared in February and, once dry, any wood and bush not required is burnt. Fires are lit across the country and this can create a misty effect at times, especially in rustic regions.







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