Stung Treng Province

Stung Treng is a unique province quite different from other Cambodian provinces in the Mekong lowlands.


Stung Treng province, which covers an area of 11,092 square km, is a remote and sparsely populated province in the northeast of Cambodia. It borders Lao to the north, Ratanakiri to the east, Preah Vihear to the west and Kratie and Kompong Thom to the south. The province is divided into five district, 34 communes and 128 villages.

The provincial capital of the same name lies 485 km north of Phnom Penh and 210 km south of Pakse in Laos, it’s only 40 km from the Lao border. The town is perched on the banks of the Sekong river, not far from Mekong river. Sights around the town are few – a couple of rapids and waterfalls. 

You can rent a boat for trips along the Mekong. Stung Treng’s market is brimming with goods that come in by road, river, or plane, down from Laos, across from Vietnam, or up from Phnom Penh. Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese goods  all find their way here.

You can reach Stung Treng by boat from Phnom Penh from September to January. To save time, take a fast boat to Kratie and change to a slow boat from Kratie to Stung Treng, or simply fly from Phom Penh. 

Main attractions:

Ou Pong Moan Resort is a natural and man-made resort located at Pong Moan village, Ou Pong Moan Commune, Steung Treng District 9km away from the provincial town. The resort locates at the turning point to the provinces of Ratanakiri, Kratie and Steugh treng. At Ou  Pong Moan resort, tourists are usually interested in:

  • Ou Pong Moan has water source from the ground. The water source locates at 80-kilometer distance from the recreational site and flowers all seasons. The water suitable for swimming.
  • At the riverside, there are small Kho Chos for leisure and resting.
  • Is the electricity dam which can provide 10KWH. This enable the development of tourist activities at the area.

Thala Bariwatt Resort is located at Thala Bariwatt district 4km away from the provincial town. This area can be accessible by going across Se Kong river and Mekong river to the provincial road of Preah vihear. Thala Bariwatt is the historical resort which hall the Preah  Ko temple built in 7-8 century, made of  red bred during the feign of the king Jayavarman I. In front of the temple, there is a statue of Preah Ko (sacred cow) available in Cambodia Newt to the Preah Ko statue, there is a space having 10-squar meter area for playing the game of Viey khil annually, before the Khmer New Year. The game played during four days and three nights. It starts in the afternoon at 2 O’clock and lasts for two hours.  The game played during the festival of the ethnic minority of Kouy. Near the Thalaa Bariwatt, there are many other ruined temples like Prasat Pram Buon Lveng, Prasat Srey as well.

Koh Ksach Resort lies along the river of Se Kong 5km from the provincial town. Koh Ksach is the natural resort which can be called on during the dry season especially during the Khmer New Year. This area has beautiful Sandy riverside having 0.5-Kilometer width and two-Kilometer length.     

Hang Kho Ba Pagoda is the cultural and historical site located at Hang Kho Ba Village, Hang Kho Commune, Stung Treng District 6km from the provincial town by the road to the airport, then turning left across the river of Se Kong. The pagoda of Hang Kho Ba has over 300 years of age. The local people there speak Lao majorly. Stung Treng province has been recognized in two special characteristics: The province rich in sweet tamarind fruit and The province rich in Pa Si Y fish - Pave fish.

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