Koh Kong Province

You will be given a unique experience while visiting Koh Kong - one of the biggest provinces located in the Southwestern Cambodia

Koh Kong, on the Cambodia coast near the border with Thailand, was at one time, only a way stops on the road between Thailand and Cambodia. Its tourist development began with casinos catering to Thais who would cross the border to gamble, since gambling is illegal in Thailand. It is still a popular gambling destination, with a new casino/hotel and more on the way.  Recently, the beaches of Koh Kong and nearby islands, and the pristine Cardamom mountains nearby, have become popular with beachgoers, divers, and eco-tourists.

Koh Kong has beaches on the river estuary where the Koh Kong river meets the ocean, and it has ocean beaches. The closest beach to the center of town is on the river. It has the un-Cambodian name of Resort 2000. The quality of this beach varies from muddy in the rainy season to clean with good swimming in the dry season. There are some small, but nice beaches past the muslim fishing village on the edge of town, where the Koh Kong river, and a smaller river come together at the ocean.

Along the Koh Kong ocean front, some distance from the town center there is Bak Khlang (Koh Yor) beach on the ocean side where the rivers meet the sea, and further north (toward Thailand) there is Cham Yeam beach, probably the best ocean beach. Cham Yeam beach is a narrow beach that practically disappears at high tide, but is nice and sandy at low tide. It is quite picturesque, fronted by palm trees, with beach side restaurants. The Cham Yeam beach area has become the focal point of Koh Kong development, with a new five star casino/hotel, guest houses, and the Safari World zoo.

Koh Kong's best beaches are to be found on the nearby offshore islands, including the largest Cambodian island, Koh Kong Khoa which is a practically uninhabited jungle paradise with seven magnificent white sand beaches. It is about a forty five minute water taxi ride from Koh Kong.

In addition to hanging out at the beach, there is plenty else to do in Koh Kong, ranging from island hopping and diving with the local PADI dive center, to trekking in the pristine wilderness jungle of the Cardamom mountains to see the many waterfalls in the area. The majority of foreign visitors to Koh Kong are either coming from Sihanoukville, or are planning to go to Sihanoukville. There is convenient high speed ferry boat service daily between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. It is a fun, four hour ride. Alternatively, there is bus service between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. In the past, this was somewhat of an ordeal, requiring the crossing of four rivers on makeshift rafts. This situation has improved with the opening of new bridges, so currently there is only one river that needs to be crossed by raft.

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