Kampot Province

Kampot is becoming more popular for travelers who are discovering the region thanks to the charm of French architecture ruin at Bokor National Park, waterfalls and tranquil coastal town of Kep


Kampot is located along the coast in southern Cambodia. The province is bordered to the north by Kampong Speu, Takeo by east and west by Koh Kong. It is a thriving city thanks to the commercial port. In 1959, the port was moved to Sihanoukville which reduced business activities. Kampot is well known for durian, watermelon and black pepper for its best qualities.


Around Kampot, you can make excursions through the countryside, in the caves of Phnom Chhnork and pre-Angkorian temple, the Phnom Sorseha. You can also visit Mount Bokor hill station from colonial times located in the southern foothills of the chain of Elephant. One can take a train from Kampot to Phnom Penh, but it’s slow. Kampot Town is 41km from Kep seaside town full of charm created by the French during the colonial era.

The Town of Kampot

This beautiful colonial architecture is the capital of the province of Kampot, located in Southern Cambodia. Besides its amazing architectural heritage, Kampot is a quiet and peaceful city that will welcome you with open arms since many Cambodian students will love to practice their English with you. A far cry from the intense bustle of the big cities of Cambodia, the city is also known for its production of pepper, called Kampot pepper that comes from a vine and is considered by some experts as the best pepper in the world.

Teuk Chhu Resort

Is the natural resort locating at Snom Prompi Village, Mak Prang Commune, Kampot District 8km from the north of the provincial town. The resort has water flowing from Phnom Dam Rey – Phnom Kam Chay. The water is cool and clear flowing  down over the big rocks for year round. At Teuk Chhu resort, there are valuable and delicious fruit like Durian, Mangostreen, Rambutan, Mak Prang, Pineapple, Grape fruit, Custard apple, coconut etc.

Preak Ampil Resort

Is the beach rich in white sand, mangrove and coconut trees, and locates at Koh Touch Commune, Kampot by the National Road No 3. At the resort, we can enjoy the fresh seafood like crabs, cuttlefish, lobster, snail, and varied sea fish.

Bokor Resort

Located 42km away from the provincial town of Kampot, and was found by a French people 1922 during the reign of the King, Sisovath Before, Bokor was a leisure place for French colonists who need to exchange atmosphere from the plain area to the mountain area at seaside.

The Mountain of Bokor has 1,075-meter height, good weather and beautiful natural view with big trees and rocks shaping up as animal figure. In Sang Kum Reas Ni Yum, there were public buildings, which look like a city there.

At seven-kilometer distance from the mountain, there is a swimming spot locating the water ‘Po Pok Vil’. On the top of the mountain, we can view the beautiful scenery of Kampot town, Kep, Sihanouk Ville and blue water of the sea.

Kampong Trach Resort

Is the rocky mountain having caves and natural wells where arranged and worshipped by the tradition of Cambodia, China and Vietnam. The resort locates in 38Km distance, East of Kampot town by the National Road No 16. There is a natural well having 30m diameter and other small natural wells having four-meter stair and artistic stone look like animal or object shape. From these natural wells, there is along cave that we can go through to the La Ang Viel Sre 100 and La Ang Thmar Dos. At these natural wells, there are some evidences remain which prove that the wells were the main filming place before the 70th decade. At the front valley, there is a pagoda of Chinese and Vietnamese. In front of the cave, there is a Cambodian pagoda, which has been now maintained and arranged by the pagoda committee permanently. Among the above four resorts excepted Teuk Chhu have not been renovated and well organized yet. However there are tourists and researchers visit the resorts.

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