Mui Ne – Phan Thiet, discover unspoilt beaches and golden sand dunes

Mui Ne – Phan Thiet has long been known for its beautiful natural scenery, its green and romantic beaches, many of which are intact and wild with very attractive large golden sand dunes. This attracts many Vietnamese and foreign tourists

Located 22km north-east from the center of Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is considered a popular tourist center of Binh Thuan province and has also appeared in the list of national tourist sites in Vietnam.

In Mui Ne, it is hot and dry all year round with average temperatures around 27oC, so visitors can spend their holidays anytime. The best waves arrive from 8 – 12 May and the most pleasant winds from November to April.

During a visit in Mui Ne, visitors can relax in the villa or on the beach or swimming, water sports, cruises on the sea, make picnics in the wilderness, hunt, fishing, golf. The most special in Mui Ne is the orange sand dunes (it is best to browse through the morning to avoid the heat) where you can make beautiful holiday photos. In addition, this region offers many beautiful landscapes such as Lau Ong Hoang and Khmer tower Poshanu. At this point, you can both visit the city, relax and go camping. It is an ideal place not only for those who love adventure but also for those who need a rest and quietness.

In Mui Ne, you can watch ad photograph the sunrise at sea, discover the life of local fishermen, dive, play kite, go canoeing, swimming, sliding on the sand, enjoy the night. You have chance to taste delicious specialties of the area such as Orange fish (unique specialty in Phan Thiet in rainy season) or Vietnamese pancakes in all restaurants. Phan Thiet – Mui Ne has many resorts, most of which are on the beach. All luxury hotels have an outdoor swimming pool, a water sports service, sun loungers, a restaurant, bar and spa.

Mui Ne still escapes the marketing and the influence of tourism, even if the number of beach resorts has increased significantly for the past several years.

If you want to enjoy a wilderness area, Mui Ne is the place you can encounter Asian Sahara.

Sites to visit:

Rang Beach: This is the most beautiful beach of Phan Thiet city lying about 15km north of downtown, in the thick and pretty coconut forest. In summer, the beach is crowded with visitors coming to swim and enjoy the delicious roasted green fish.

Rom Island (Straw): This is a small unspoilt mountain hamlet located in Long Son, Mui Ne. Here, the water is clear blue, soft waves and no rocks. Every morning and afternoon, you can sit and watch the sunrise or sunset. At night, watch the light of the moon or campfire. On this island, there are many seaside resorts such as Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, etc.

Khmer Poshanu tower: It is a group of survivors remains of the ancient Kingdom of Champa. The tower has the architectural style of Hoa Lai, one of the ancient arts of Champa. Although its size is small to medium, relics represent the essence of architecture and decorative arts of the Khmer people. This is one of the oldest Khmer towers that is still relatively intact.

Ghenh Island 1km from Mui Ne is also known as Lao island that remains completely intact. To reach Ghenh Island, you can take the hotel shuttle or rent a fishing boat. After about 10 minutes at sea, you will reach the island. You will be impressed immediately by the purity and transparency of sea water. So that you can see the bottom and corals, large and small stones stacked on each other. The visit to Lao Island in the afternoon is the best choice because you can admire the sunset and the sun falling in a little at sea. The morning is a good time for amateur fishermen.

The sand dunes in Mui Ne is a landscape that has fascinated poets, painters and photographers, etc. In addition to its beautiful shape, colorful sand also attracts the attention of many tourists (there are 18 different colors). These dunes are so famous that they have inspired many Vietnamese photographers to remain long hours to wait for the most propitious moment to get perfect shot. Naturally, it is evening that you can make the most sunsets on this orange dune.

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