Kratie Province

Kratie is a must for those who wish to think outside the box during a trip to Cambodia.


Located in the North-Eastern Cambodia, Kratie shares the border with Stung Treng to the North, Mondulkiri to the Eeast, Kampong Thom and Kampong Cham to the West and Tbong Khmum and Vietnam to the South. The provincial capital is also called Kratie lying on the banks of the mighty Mekong River.


Kratie is famous for its rare sweet water Irrawaddy dolphins which remain sixty specimens. Therefore the dolphins are the main tourist attraction of the province and the town. The river also has hundreds of green islands, and circling water, which are also attracting some tourists. Kratie town is sleepy but picturesque with sandbars and big islands out front and bends in the river. Unlike in many towns around Cambodia, the war years were fairly kind to the French architecture and the roads, at least in the town itself. 

The road following the river borders ancient Khmer and French houses adding to the pleasant feel of the place. You'll also find a bustling market which is a great place to watch frogs being skinned (and escaping first through the holes in the nets), sample some delicious foods (such as freshly grilled corn cakes) and generally take in rural Cambodian life. The rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins make their home in the Mekong River, just north of Kratie. With only around 120 remaining, they are surely worth a visit. 

Whether you are just on a trip seeing the river towns along the Mekong or taking a full circuit trip around the east and northeast, Kratie is a nice place to spend a night or two. The river scene of Kratie has a beautiful river boulevard with dozens of snack and drink stands in the late afternoon and evening, making this a nice spot to chill out and watch the people parading by. There are also a few big concrete decks along the river scene. The river road is a great place for a stroll or jog. Enjoy the dramatic sunsets over the Mekong

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