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We are proud to be so highly recommended by our former clients. Arriving from locations around the world, our Tonkin-Travelers recognize the impact that decent advice, meticulous planning and punctuality really do make a difference to the end product (your trip!). This is a result of the hard work from our whole team. We invite you to get to know them! (Reviews from our customers on Tripadvisor) : https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293924-d12132013-Reviews-Tonkin_Voyage_Travel-Hanoi.html

Overall, Tonkin-Travel did a wonderful and excellent job!

Dear Vy,

Thank you for preparing a wonderful itinerary for me. From pick-up at the airports and transfers to the hotels, everything went smooth.

Laos is a delightful country. No traffic congestions and the pace of life is very relaxing.

From Vientiane to Vang Vieng and then to Luang Prabang everything went smooth.  It was fun, exciting and adventurous. The tour guide and driver were excellent. The mini van ran smooth as it was in tip top shape to ran the journey from Vientiane to Luang Prabang.

Laos would be ideal for people that are fond of geography and nature.

The hotels and the overall ambience were very delightful, though some more than others.

On this trip I had one night in Bangkok, Thailand then five nights in Laos and further three nights

Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya was vibrant and exciting. I had a great time. I stayed at a wonderful hotel.

Overall, Tonkin-Travel did a wonderful and excellent job!

My travel agent, Nguyen Vy was always there if I had any questions and a delightful person to work with.

She did a fantastic job.

Very truly yours and best regards,

Gerard Wijnveldt
Group: Gerard x 1 person

We loved being able to learn about the Vietnamese people and their daily life, and the hikes and bike rides we did were definitely a highlight!

Hello Thom,

Thanks for your email! We are so happy with our trip and the weather we had! We were very lucky!!

We have been slow to readjust to daily life, we were definitely tired after!! Thankfully we still had some vacation left so that we could have some time to recover! Thank you to Kien for sending us his photos, that was very nice! The photos of Tac Bah Lake are amazing !!!

Overall everything was perfect, well organized, and you pinpointed exactly what we were looking for in our trip. We loved being able to learn about the Vietnamese people and their daily life, and the hikes and bike rides we did were definitely a highlight!  

My note for future travellers would be to do their trip from south to north, like us, for a few reasons. Firstly, it is very hot in the south and it was nice to finish with the cooler temperatures of the north! Another reason was the bustle: there was a lot of traffic and noise in the south and we were happy to arrive in the North where it is calmer.  Lastly, we enjoyed finishing with the splendid landscapes of the North: with the terraced rice fields, Halong Bay, we finished on a highlight!!! (But of course, the Mekong Delta was amazing and I would recommend future travelers pay it a visit too!)

Well there you go, our minds are still on vacation, as you can see!

We will definitely be recommending you to our friend and will contact Tonkin Voyage if we decide to visit Myanmar or another country in Southeast Asia!  

See you soon! Good luck with everything and thank you again for your work!

Kind regards,

Flavie and Julien

Groupe: Mr. Julien Verge x 2 people
Splendor of Vietnam in 24 days

I will definitely be recommending Tonkin Voyage to all of my friends

Hello Thom, Hello Thuong,

Thank you for your email and the attention you paid to us.

We had a beautiful trip and will remember it for a lifetime.

We saw so many things that I think we’ll need a few days to reflect on all that we experienced, including the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people.

Your service is top quality, and we were very happy with our guides, the restaurants, and the hotels you organized for us.

The tour was well organized and everything went smoothly: the bikes, the boat, the cars and the walking. We never had to wait, and they were a great mix of fun and informative. We were able to do lots of activates and still keep a relaxed pace.

As you suggested, I do have a few notes for you to help make your tours even better.

The cyclo tour of Hanoi could have been longer (ours was 1 hour) in order to allow us to see the French Quarter. We couldn’t do that in the time allotted (thankfully Kien organized a car tour of the area for the next day). I also thought that the night in the homestay would have been a bit more exotic, in truth, it was more of a guesthouse and we didn’t get to spend much time with the family. The food there was very plentiful but it didn’t have much flavor. The cruise on Halong Bay (actually near Cat Ba Island) was wonderful, but a little short in the morning. We arrived at the port at 11am the following morning, to disembark at noon, and would have liked to continue to cruise around the bay rather than spend an hour at port.

Thank you again, I will definitely be recommending Tonkin Voyage to all of my friends. A special thanks to Thuong who followed our journey and checked in on us, we really appreciated your reassurance and availability.

We hope to see you again during our next adventure…

Group: Mr. Michel SUSINI (Commercial Director of Clarke Energy) x 3 people
Taste of Vietnam in 20 days

In short, a great trip, thank you Tonkin Voyage! I will gladly recommend you

Before I decided to visit Vietnam, I had already travelled widely and even lived in numerous countries in Asia and Southeast Asia, but I must say that my 20 day trip exceeded my expectations! Having been a hotel manager in Cambodia, I could have easily reserved my own hotels and transport but from experience, I knew that the simplest thing can be derailed due to unforeseen circumstances and quickly become a logistical nightmare. Therefore, I quickly decided to book my trip with the help of a local travel agency. After a quick search and a few email and Skype exchanges, I chose Tonkin Voyage. They understood the wants and needs that I had for my trip while respecting my budget.

The itinerary, which was fairly classic, started in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta before traveling to Hue and continuing to Hanoi, with several days in the far north.

The Francophone guides and drivers were perfect: very professional, discreet, flexible, and friendly.

The hotels were well chosen, in particular our hotel in Hanoi.

The customer service team was always available by phone if we had the slightest problem or question.

In short, a great trip, thank you Tonkin Voyage! I will gladly recommend you.

Christian Izard

Groupe: M. Christian Izard x 2 pers
From the Mekong Delta to Halong Bay in 20 days

We thank you so much for our unforgettable memories! We hope to travel with you on our adventures to come!


Things have been hectic here with the start of the school year and our return to work, that’s why it has taken so long for us to send you our feedback about your trip with you. Better late than never!

First of all, we were completely satisfied by the itinerary that you prepared! We arrived in the South and then explored the central region, before finishing in the North. Despite our jam-packed program, everything when smoothly… the whole family was able to appreciate the richness and the beauty of your country thanks to your well organized and detailed itinerary. We want to thank you for the time that you spent organizing our adventure, taking into account our wants and always being available to answer questions.

You were able to craft a trip that delighted travelers both big (4 adults and 2 teenagers) and small (3 kids: 9, 8, and 5) with tours, cooking courses, boat rides, lantern making, bike rides, and down time....

The logistics side of our trip, including our guides, hotels, and transport, was also great and met our expectations.

We were able to sit back and leave you in charge but we always felt in control and informed thanks to your daily check-ups. We really appreciated that.

We thank you so much for our unforgettable memories! We hope to travel with you on our adventures to come!

The Faurie Family

Group: M. Discala Bernard x 9 people 
Taste of Vietnam in 22 days

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