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We are proud to be so highly recommended by our former clients. Arriving from locations around the world, our Tonkin-Travelers recognize the impact that decent advice, meticulous planning and punctuality really do make a difference to the end product (your trip!). This is a result of the hard work from our whole team. We invite you to get to know them! 

The itinerary was excellent and well paced

Dear Vy,

Yes ... we arrived home on Friday morning about 30 hours after our pickup from Palm Garden resort ... so we were very tired and it took a couple of days for our heads and bodies to be synchronised again!

All is well now and we have only great memories of our trip and I've already spent a few hours sorting out the hundreds of photos we took with camera and phones. Some of the very best of these were taken by our guides.

The itinerary was excellent and well paced and we got a brilliant reception at all the hotels and Halong Cruise, with our anniversary mentioned and gifts of fruit and wine. And superb upgrades on the Cruise and at Palm Garden Resort!

The only hotel that didn't mention it was the Villa Santi in Luang Prabang. But please don't take this as a criticism !.... it's just for completion of feedback, we had a really nice room there!

Saigon and Can Tho:
 It was good to have the morning free after our arrival and we had a great tour in the afternoon with Tony as our guide. He was very good.
Tam was our guide and chef for Cu Chi and our cooking class. That was such a fun day and Tam was just amazing ... so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The driver was excellent also.
The Silverland Sakyo is a lovely hotel in a great location.!
The West Hotel in Can Tho was beautiful and our bed was festooned with flowers and a towel sculpture. Special mention to Jeanne! But breakfast was disappointing.
Hue, our guide, was teriffic and we enjoyed our tours with him.

Siem Riep:
Probably the most memorable location of our trip. We were blown away by our visits to the various Temple groups.
Our guide here, Kom, was absolutely amazing. Definitely the best guide of the trip ... from his knowledge and his care for us .... also have to to mention the driver Smaja (I think)
Kom was so knowledgeable and passionate about the temples and their amazing history. We learned so much from him and he took such excellent pictures which we will treasure.
Hotel Saem Siem Riep was also excellent and we enjoyed the Apsara Dance Show too.

Luang Prabang:
It was nice and unexpected to be met at the airport by our guide KL and driver Song when we arrived.
The trek next day was a real challenge at 13km in the heat and humidiity but we were so pleased we accomplished it and  it was great to see the Hmong and Khmu villages and the waterfalls at the end of the trip. Our guide here was KL and we would rate him only 7/10, mostly because he was constantly distracted and on his phone.
The following day's cruise "Nava Mekong Cruise" was really enjoyable and interesting.

Chien, our guide, was superb with a great sense of humour and anxious to inform us as much as possible. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him! He went out of his way with little extras for us which we really appreciated and it was fun to be with him. We also very much enjoyed meeting with you in the Tonkin office! Also, a great driver with Chien.
As I told you, our one regret is not having allowed an extra night in Hanoi!
And by the way, lunch at Home Mộc restaurant was top class.

Halong Bay:
We were completely blown away by the reception on the boat. We were shown to the best cabin and another display of flowers and towel sculpture.
Philip, the Cruise Director, was so kind to us. Halong Bay was. of course, amazing..... and the surprise cake and fireworks at dinner really topped it all.
It was a great evening and thanks so much to you for your input!
The only negative was regarding the boat trip to the cave. We were brought by boat to a pier to be transferred to the bamboo boats to visit the cave. There was total chaos on the pier with hundreds of people pushing and jostling and we had to wait over 30 minutes to get onto the bamboo boat. Irene felt very uncomfortable during this time.

Hoi An:
The second negative we have to report for the whole trip: We were not at all happy with the driver of our transfer from the Da Nang airport to the Palm Garden Resort. Sorry we haven't got his name but his driving was (to us) erratic and aggressive and left us feeling nervous on the relatively short transfer!
Our guide next day took us on a very enjoyable walking tour of Hoi An. An excellent guide, and we really enjoyed trying to make lanterns and the lunch we had in the market. Sorry, but I've mislaid his name. We thought Hoi An was fascinating even though it was crowded with tourists (as you had told us!)

Palm Garden Resort:
We really enjoyed our six nights here ... especially as we were upgraded to a beautiful bungalow .... thanks again to you Vy! It was nice to get a few lazy days before going home.

In Summary:
We were totally satisfied with our trip and the communications and input from Tonkin and would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Tonkin (and Vy!)
We're very happy to be used as a reference for prospective travellers. and for Tonkin to use this review if they wish..

Dear Vy, We will certainly  recommend you and Tonkin to any of our friends who might be planning a trip to Indochina. and maybe we'll come again for the 50th!!
At the outset I said this was to be a very special anniversary trip for us and I'm delighted to say it far exceeded our expectations!

Thanks so much for all your help.
Regards and best wishes
John and Irene ☺

COLLINS group x2
Indochina Odyssey 20 Days from 09 until 28 Mar 2019

I will definitely recommend your travel agency, your service was so excellent also

Hello Ms Vy,


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with planning our holiday.  As you know, I was actually the only person in my family that wanted to come to Vietnam, and the half way though the holiday everyone was having such a good time they all wanted to come back - but this time during winter, it was so hot!  My husband had a great holiday and relaxed a lot from his stressful job. The kids saw so many interesting sites and learnt so much about your culture and tasted so many different foods.  It was exactly the holiday I wanted for my family.


Specifically about the hotels - they were all excellent.  Very clean, staff very nice and accommodative and very luxurious.  We all especially enjoyed Hoi An La Siesta, and the rooftop pool in Saigon.


With regards the tours, we very much enjoyed all of the tours, but sometimes the kids were tired, and couldn’t tour the whole day.  We thought it might be better if you book another tour with kids like ours, it might be worthwhile to offer people the option of finishing tours after lunch - say 2pm, so that they can go back to the hotel and relax a bit, rather than touring all of the time.  The kids got affected by the heat a lot, as they are not used to it.  I know it is a fine balance between doing as much as possible and getting some relax time, so maybe its worthwhile to ask clients how they like to travel to help them plan their itinerary.


The guides and drivers were all so excellent.  Mr Lam in Saigon had a great sense of humour and was very good with the children.  Ms Linh in Hoi An also very good with the kids, taught them lots of Vietnamese customs and took us to some local places for lunch.  These were excellent.  She also brought to me some ginger tea when I was sick and we were very appreciative.  Our last guide Lily was also fantastic, getting the kids some travel sickness pills, and changing some of the menus for us so that my son could eat more pork ribs - his favourite.


It was the guides and drivers, always being there, on time, knowing everything, where to go what to do, made everyone feel very safe comfortable and relaxed.  Even on the last day when the driver came early to take us to the airport, we were very appreciative.


We haven’t stopped talking about our holiday, and would like to come back to Saigon, Hue, Hoi An and Sapa, - so I will definitely be contacting you about this in the future.


I will definitely recommend your travel agency, your service was so excellent also.  Very patient with all of the changes that I had to make, very prompt responses.


Thank you so much!


Best wishes to you.



KYM group x5
From Southern to Northern Vietnam 15 Days from 12 until 26 Apr 2019

An amazing holiday


Thank you to Tonkin for an amazing holiday! In particular,  Ms. Vy created us a fantastic, personalized itinerary and we enjoyed everything! Her customer service was exceptional and we were beyond pleased with working with her. 

Our guide,  Chien made our trip the greatest! He was so knowledgeable and so much fun! Our children adored him too! 

The second half of our trip was in central Vietnam and we really liked Hoi An. It was a great, relaxing way to end our holiday.  The accommodation that Ms. Vy recommended was terrific! Convenient location, right off of An Bang Beach. 

I would highly recommend Tonkin Voyage Travel too anyone!

As a side request,  I think Chien may have some more photos to share with us? If possible,  if you could check that would be excellent. Thank you!


Emily McAvaney

EMILY x9Persons
From Northern to Central Vietnam 13 Days from 01 until 13 Jul 2018

We had a really lovely time, loved the hotels and seeing all of the sights

Hi Thao,

Big thank you for organising the trip - we had a really lovely time, loved the hotels and seeing all of the sights. 

There were no major issues at all, overall we were really happy and the trip, accomodation, drivers, guides etc exceeded our expectations - here's some more detailed comments/feedback which I hope you find valuable. I've split into the sections of the trip for you.

 HCM City 

Sayko hotel - loved the hotel, nice staff, clean room and delicious breakfast with masses of choice. Great rooftop pool with well priced drinks and great massages. Perfectly located. 

Guides - the guide we had on the first day for the city tour was very friendly and enthusiastic but we couldn't understand everything she said. The guide on the second day was much better and really well informed about the country, history and politics. 

Trips - personally I don't think we needed a guide for the city tour and the temple was great but a huge trip so perhaps good to warn people of the distance. 

Hoi An

Waterway hotel - beautiful hotel, loved the simple decor & garden- everything was spotless and the staff were really friendly and helpful with excellent English. Perhaps the only drawback was that in rainy season it's a good 15/20min walk into town.

Guides - we loved our guide Be who we spent the first two days with, great sense of humour & so much fun (our favourite guide of the trip1) she made us feel very at home in Hoi An recommending some really good local places to eat. The next guide was also very well informed with good English.

Trips - we enjoyed all the trips, half days are good as it leaves some free time and there wasn't too much time in the car which was good. 

Mekong River 

Coco River Resort - loved this place, really special - we could have spent another night it was so beautiful - it felt a bit rushed so we didn't have as much time to enjoy it as we would have liked. 

The Mekong River Cruise - really enjoyed this, lovely boat, very interesting and nice local guide on the boat who was very attentive. The food was also excellent, they have a great cook on this boat! 

Guides - great, really friendly and he told us he's only been a guide for a year but was excellent at anticipating our needs. We really enjoyed spending time with him. The driver was also lovely, didn't speak much English but really friendly and smiley which is always nice on a long journey.

Trips - we especially enjoyed the trip to the island and the meal in the local house, this felt really special - so thank you to the local family.

Phu Quoc 

Green Bay Resort - the resort, room, pool and beach are all stunning and brand new - very relaxing but quite far from other places on the island. 

Most of the staff were really lovely (a lady called Annie and the manager Theresa in particular) and had good English others didn't and weren't always as warm (but perhaps they are still training). There were a few small issues - keys for room not ready when we arrived, WI-Fi in our original room didn't work, not enough hot water for the bath but we were moved to a different room for the last 2 nights. 

Thanks again, I will most definitely recommend Tonkin-travel.com to friends & family.

Best wishes,
Emily & Max 

Group: MAX x 2 persons
A GLIMPSE OF VIETNAM 16 Days From 23 Dec 2017 until 07 Jan 2018

Thank you once again for all the organising of our wonderful holiday

Hi Jennifer 

Thank you once again for all the organising of our wonderful holiday.

You asked to send you a report on our opinion about what could make the holiday better. Firstly let me tell you that Pat and I have slightly different ideas so I will send you my report and Pat will send her report later.

There is not much that I did not enjoy. One thing we found the bike riding a bit too hard especially for me but that was nothing to do with your organising. The guides were very good with so much knowledge on the history. At odd times they didn't quite understand our questions but by rephrasing it we were good. They were always on time and so helpful. The drivers were also excellent how they manage to drive in that traffic is amazing. The hotels that you selected for us were better than we expected. The staff were very obliging and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Probably the only thing that I would have liked was if the people at the home stay and the ones at the village near Seim Reap where we cooked lunch were able to speak English. We would have liked to be able to have a conversation with them.

That is about all as we had a fantastic holiday, the weather was good not too hot which we liked. Thank you again and I would not hesitate in recommending Tonkin Travel and especially you Jennifer.

By for now 

Regards Ron Aitken

Ron & Patricia group x2
Essence of Vietnam & Cambodia 21 Days from 16 Oct until 5 Nov 2018

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