Muang Sing Province

With its natural beauty, Muang Sing is really an ideal choice for hiking and trekking in Laos


Muang Sing is a site away from mass tourism where the beauty of nature is discreet. The town of Muang Sing (City of the Lion) is in a plain of the river Nam La, 58km northwest of Luang Nam Tha and near the Chinese border. You can trek for several days with homestay in order to discover the villages and the way of life of these ethnic groups.

Tourist attractions

Kanchanaburi – Muang Sing Historical Park

As one of the most important archaeological sites, the park is in an ancient city called Muang Sing. Archaeologists have found such a significant amount of human skeletons dating from prehistoric times, many metal objects, jewelry ad ornaments, as well as house foundations built of brick and laterite in the 13th century.

Muang Sing was an outpost of the vast Khmer Angkor Empire that extended to Kanchanaburi, which was then a frontier garrison town with Burma. Numerous archaeological objects and remains were found in the province of Kanchanaburi, especially in the valley between the two rivers Kwai Yai and Kwai Noi

Local Muang Sing market

The main market of Muang Sing is a must-visit destination which is very colorful. It is the former opium market in the Golden Triangle, where the trade is between ethnic minorities coming from villages.

It is also a great place to get acquainted with minority cultures of Laos. As a haven of tranquility away from the time, Muang Sing has retained a certain authenticity. It offers those who take the time to stay there one of the richest ethnic mosaic of the country. And unlike the ethnic groups of Northern Thailand, some of them still retain a certain authenticity character. You can enjoy treks on mountain paths to the discovery of these peoples.

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