Muang Ngoy village

The small riverside Muang Ngoy village is a perfect place to enjoy the life of Laos


Located 58km from Luang Prabang in Northern Laos, Muong Ngoi is peaceful and quiet and you’ll be amazed at its picturesque beauty. Accessible only by boat (1 hour) from Nong Khiaw and perched on the peninsula of the Nam Ou, this is an idyllic village to a flavor around the world. Surrounded by mountains, it offers sailing to beautiful waterfalls and walks to discover the beautiful landscapes and villages of Hmong and Khmu.

See & Do

We can make a walk of two hours (or more) in the surrounding countryside to discover this heaven of peace through cascading rice fields, karst landscapes and peaceful water. We can make stops at Hmong and Kamu villages to discover their traditional culture.

In Muang Ngoy, tourists can easily reach ethnic villages; 1.5-2hwalk is enough to discover the authentic life of ethnic minorities. By spending a few days with a host, you can enjoy a rich experience and unforgettable moments. You will enjoy the natural scenery in the heart of the local population, for cultural sharing and a deeper understanding of the everyday life of minorities in Laos.

Tham Kang cave and Tham Pha Kaew cave - east of town, about 40min walk and can be found without a guide. Follow the dirt/gravel road from the main boat landing and continue as it intersects the town's main road and exits the town. Continue until you reach the Tham Kang cave, which is situated on the left side of the road. These caves used to be a bomb shelter during the Vietnam War era.

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