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Indochina is a destination where one feels a deep respect for the elderly. The difference to the old generation remains deeply rooted in Indochinese culture. Do not wait, come and explore this wonderful country!

For seniors, Tonkin Travel has private trips to “measure” including a turnkey service, all inclusive and especially the service of a “senior guide” that will be your dedicated contact throughout your stay in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

This turnkey service will be developed according to your needs and expectations. The booking of all services related to travel (plane, accommodation, exclusions, exhibitions, gastronomic restaurant). A specified data sheet (QA) on the destination country will be proposed to the customer prior to departure and will answer all questions. The intervention of a “senior guide” available throughout the period of stay will be dedicated exclusively to the customer.

We have served hundreds of old customers, so you can trust in Tonkin Travel. See testimonials from our customers.

Itinerary at a relaxed pace: Our “senior” tour associated with a relaxed pace, tested and experienced in order to perfectly suite older clients.

Clarity and details: We strive to provide you with maximum possible details, clear explanations, so you always know what to expect.

All our tours are fully customizable to suite your needs. So if your daily schedule seems a bit too busy, if you want to visit more specifically a place or extend an activity, please inform your travel consultant.

Selection of “senior” guides: The guides are all chosen for their very good level of languages. The “male” guides can be selected to help tourists with the luggage. Their deep knowledge of the host country will allow them to offer you good tips to discover the country and avoid being a tourist like others. They will be there to discuss and formalize with you during all events, exhibitions or during a dinner at the restaurant.

Well-located accommodation: We choose the location of your accommodation in order to provide you with the possibility of a maximum of activities during your free time.

Selection of the circuit: We recommend our “senior” customers to visit favorite attractions such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoian, Mekong Delta, Siem Riep, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Luang Prabang ... We do not recommend traveling to high altitude and remote areas accessible by long and tiring bus journeys along sometimes bumpy roads. However, if you decide to go there absolutely, make sure your fitness and consistently prepare your visit.

A wide range of activities: In addition to the best attractions of Indochina, our senior circuits which are based on the favorite experiences of our previous clients include many original activities such as:

  • Visits to villages, markets and local families (especially retired people who seize the opportunity to exchange, via a translator, with people of their own age from another country)
  • Learn local cuisine
  • Attend a session of Tai Chi
  • Practice traditional massages
  • Boat trip in Halong Bay, Perfume Pagoda, Tonle Sap Lake, Pak Ou Cave, KhuangSi Fall
  • Tour of the ancient cities (Hanoi, Hoian, Siem) in a rickshaw or (Siem Riep, Luang Prabang) in a tuk tuk
  • Cruising on Mekong Delta and Halong Bay

Transportation: All our trips are made by private car with driver and private guide. We select our suppliers in the interest of better satisfaction/price ratio.

Accommodation: We recommend our “senior” clients to stay in central location, so that they can easily participate in practical activities during their free time in the morning and evening. We suggest hotels to international standards with comfortable bedding, shower and lifts.

Eating out: The local cuisine more easily disturb the stomach of our senior clients. For this reason, we recommend them to take their meals in “good-looking” restaurants and especially to avoid streets with their itinerant snacks stalls. Our restaurant selections guarantee to taste authentic and delicious healthy food.

What to bring? Before departure, the customers must take travel insurance and bring with them along with the telephone number of the insurance company

  • Bring a relevant summary of your medical record and your medication if necessary
  • Also remember to take the full details of your family members
  • If you go alone, do not forget to bring magnetic key of your room

Finally, do not carry too much cash. You can easily withdraw money with your blue card in one of the Bank’s branches here, the nearest. If necessary, enlist the help of your guide.

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